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Joint bank accounts are very loved by Italian families precisely because thanks to these accounts, families save and have great control over family expenses.

In fact, when the spouses decide to create a joint account, they know very well that by doing so, they will have the advantage of paying the expenses for only one account and not two.


This is a big plus because checking account costs have gone up a lot so you can pay One checking account instead of two It is definitely a great addition for families.

Snappy in common checking accounts

But another great advantage is that with the joint account You can see both income and expenses easily Thus the family is clearly aware of how much they earn and also how much they spend. However, the disputed accounts are now in the tax yard’s sight. Let’s try to understand why and which operations are prohibited. Joint accounts are in tax insight because it is very easy with a joint account To transfer money from one person to another without paying taxes. In fact, if one person pays money to the joint account but the other withdraws it, the money will be transferred From subject A to subject B without paying even a single cent of taxes.

What starts checks

It is precisely for this reason that a joint account if it can be a perfectly normal thing for families It is viewed with the greatest suspicion by the tax authorities.


So if withdrawals are made by one subject while payments are primarily made by the other, this may seem quite normal. For a family in which the father may work while the mother takes care of the house, or vice versa. But it may also seem like something very suspicious to the tax authorities. Precisely for this reason, thanks to algorithms, new controls now reach shared accounts Revenue Agency.

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What to avoid

Indeed, their movements on joint accounts will be observed with special and careful attention. The revenue agency must find a great balance in managing this money Do not encounter a disorganized administration that can indicate actions aimed at tax evasion.

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