Xbox has other games that haven’t been announced to arrive in 2021 –

According to DICE’s developer, Elenarie’s nicknames, X-Box It will have gods Matches not announced yet Access 2021. His comment, posted on the ResetEra forum, came in response to those who complained about the lack of major productions in the Xbox lineup revealed yesterday, apart from Halo Infinite (which, however, critics say, was scheduled for 2020) .

Big publishers aren’t likely to reveal their full plans for this year in January, so what the woman mentioned shouldn’t be further from the truth. Likely Microsoft He still has cards to play for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, which he hides well to try not to spoil the effect of surprise.

What games could come by the end of 2021? It’s hard to say for sure: Maybe Senua’s story: Hellblade 2, which hasn’t been talked about in a while, the new Forza Motorsport, or something coming from Bethesda Studios, is still in the pipeline (Starfield?). we will see.

However, if we were, we wouldn’t underestimate games like Psychonauts 2, Sable, Scorn, and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, The Medium and Microsoft Flight Simulator, to name a few from those already announced.

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