Accounts are about to launch, the developers promise –

Between us You may soon receive the long-awaited Account, Which will allow users to do social communication And contact directly in the game with active moderation. InnerSloth spoke about it in its latest official blog update, declaring it one of its priorities.

From what has been written, the feature is already working, but it is still being tested and will not be launched until completely ready. It is difficult to say when we will be able to use it, because precise timing has not been provided for this, except for a general “as soon as possible”.

After the accounts are launched, friend lists, stats, and other features that are frequently requested will also arrive, so you have to wait a few more months anyway.

In the same post, Innersloth also listed the changes made to the studio after the success of Game Between Us, which forced a general restructuring, starting with resuming development of a game that was effectively sidelined (remember that for about two years it was not very successful). Staff has expanded too, as the three members of the original team can no longer manage everything themselves, from updates to ports on new platforms.

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