Trieste Shorts International Film Festival 2023: All winners

it has finished Trieste Shorts International Film FestivalThe film is now in its 24th edition, organized by the Maremetraggio Association and directed by Maurizio di Rienzo. She announced award-winning titles in the respective categories which this year included three new select spin-offs, Shorts Express, Eco-ShorTS, Shorts Italy and, last evening, Focus Greece.

Fabrizio Giffoni as Aldo Moro in “Outside Night”

Special prizes have been allocated during this edition. Present Cinema Award went to Stephen Savona, the documentary filmmaker takes an objective look at topical regions and events, see Sicily-African-Mediterranean, Kurdistan, Palestine, Egypt, Palermo, and most recently Bergamo besieged in 2020 by a pandemic. to Massimiliano ChiazzoA really resilient young actor with a personality that exploded in the Rai series sea ​​out – now in its third season and recently awarded the prestigious Silver Ribbon – will receive the Perspective Award established in 2009 to highlight emerging talents in Italian cinema (among others: Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli, Michele Riondino, Matilda De Angelis, Daphne Scoccia, Sharon Carroccia, Jacopo Olmo Antinori, Francesco Di Napoli, Giulio Brano, Luca Zunic, Aurora Giovinazzo). to Fabrizio Giffoni The present award-winning translator, as an engaging, thoughtful and eclectic actor in both film and theatre, was celebrated last season for his masterful interpretation of Shahid al-Dawla Aldo Moro in the film series. night outside by Marco Belluccio.

Massimiliano Chiazzo

Comment from the Vice-President and Advisor for Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Av. Mario Anzel:

The 24th edition of the “Shorts International Film Festival” confirms once again the validity of a project that is always able to draw the attention of enthusiasts and spectators to various topics of cultural and social importance, while rewarding the creativity and professionalism of young directors in the world of short films. The festival, with its many sections, stimulates reflections and tries to translate ideas, dreams and visions into images. Now a historic event for the city of Trieste, but with an eye on the future and new technologies, it leads audiences and competitors from all over the world to some of the most important cultural venues in the city, thus promoting our territory internationally. My applause is therefore directed at both the organizers and those who will be able to seize and appreciate the many opportunities for growth, openness and reflection that the festival can offer.

Seafood section
And Serpetatiyen neqewimi By Ramazan Kilic (Turkey 2023) Winner of the Maremetraggio section of the 24th Shorts International Film Festival. The short film, selected by the international jury consisting of the Brazilian Leonardo Martinelli (award-winning director of Maremetraggio in 2022), the Uruguayan Valentina Oturmin Dall’Oglio (the festival programmer) and the Greek Yannis Sakaridis (director and director of the “International Drama Festival for Short Films”), was awarded EstEnergy – Hera Group prize of 4,000 Euros. The same jury also gives a special mention to the animation A.I amok By Balázs Turai (Hungary, Romania 2022), special mention for Orientation A Obesk By Jonas Smulders (Netherlands 2022), and special mention to Other yard flowers Written by Jorge Cadena (Switzerland, Colombia 2022). Also to Serpetatiyen neqewimi by Ramazan Kılıç, the Best Short Film award was voted on by the Shorts TV Jury, which consists of obtaining the TV Rights License and Video on Demand Rights, while a special mention is given to Range and Zard Written by Ilham Ehsas (Afghanistan, UK 2023). The Audience Award instead goes to ex aequo a Range and Zard Written by Ilham Ehsas (Afghanistan, UK 2023) Our males and females Ahmed Al-Yaseer (Jordan 2023).

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Serpetatiyen neqewimi by Ramazan Kılıç (Türkiye 2023)

Italy department in pants
The AMC (Movie and Television Editing Society) Award for Best Editing for an Italian Short Film in the Italy section of ShortS goes to Tria – from a sense of betrayal By Giulia Grandinetti (Italy 2022), the same short film also won the Audience Award (2000).

Environmental shorts section
The Bazzara Caffè Award for Best Short Film in the Audience-Voted Eco-ShorTS Section (€1,000) goes to Legend or Zlatorogu Written by Lea Foucault (Slovenia 2022).

Legend or Zlatorogu by Lea Vucko (Slovenia 2022)

Quick Pants section
Awarded to the best short film voted by the public (1000 euros) Lunch break story By Marco Del Mastro (Italy 2022).

Children’s shorts section
The Shorter Kids’n’Teens Award for Best Short Film goes to the Children’s category bubble Directed by Gabriel Augerai, Romain Auger, Laurie Pereira de Figueiredo, Charles De Cecco and Yannick Jacquin (France 2022), while the best short film in the “Teens” category went to L’air de Rien Written by Gabrielle Henaud Lefevre (France 2022).

Virtual reality shorts section
The Publicly Voted Shorts Virtual Reality Award (2000) of this edition goes as it does to Kursaal By David Raab (Italy 2022) single colonies By Jean-Loup Pinard (Canada 2022).

Jean-Loup Pinard’s Colony (Canada 2022) award
The Award for Best Italian Premiere Audio by Audience in the sections Maremetraggio, Shorts Express, Italia in Shorts, Eco-ShorTS and Shorter Kids’n’Teens goes to Hurry up Written by Kozan Kamran Hama (Kurdistan 2022).

Furthermore, during the festival, the Cinema del Presente award was awarded to Stefano Savona; Perspective Award to Massimiliano Chiazzo; and interpreter of the current prize for Fabrizio Giffoni.

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Reasons for the international jury
Best Short Film / EstEnergy Award – Hera Group
Serpetatiyen neqewimi by Ramazan Kılıç (Türkiye 2023)
For the courage to tell the story of a family in a remote village that reflects a strong political and social theme. A young generation full of hope, imagination and strength brings back the smile of the ancestors by opposing an oppressive regime ».
own animation
Amok by Balázs Turai (Hungary-Romania 2022)
To create a dreamlike and allegorical world, with fantastic imagery, and an exploration of vibrant colors and shapes.

special directive
Obisk by Jonas Smulders (Netherlands 2022)
“For the presentation, the cinematography, and the exceptional performances that are able to overwhelm us
An otherworldly atmosphere confused between nightmare and black and white photography ».
Special mention
Flores del Otro Courtyard by Jorge Cadena (Switzerland, Colombia 2022).
“As for the way the film deals with political and social conflicts, it shows the influence of colonialism in Latin America from a poetic perspective.”

Reasons Jury Shorts for Television
Serpetatiyen neqewimi by Ramazan Kılıç
A widescreen look at a world most Westerners can only imagine, where access to basic TV programming is almost an essential service, especially for the elderly. The combination use of traditional storytelling and broken TV framing is a wonderful juxtaposition, and the young actress is an energetic and inspiring person.”
Special mention
Rang and Zard to Inspire Ehsas (Afghanistan, UK 2023)
“An oppressive patriarchy can do nothing against the power of love.”

REASONS AMC Award (Film and Television Editing Society)
Tria – On Feeling Betrayed by Giulia Grandinetti (Italy 2022)
“An acronym in which editing is used as the primary basis for framing a strange and surreal story, highlighting and enhancing its originality.”

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The ShortS International Film Festival is implemented thanks to Mic – General Directorate of Cinema, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Department of Culture, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Department of Productive Activities and Tourism, Municipality of Trieste, CRTrieste Foundation, KF Casali Foundation, EstEnergy – Group Hira, Coffee Bazar. We thank the Eastern Greek Community of Trieste for making Sala Xenia available. The festival is included in the “Trieste Estate 2023” review.

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