Perugia Monza, Civitanova Trento at the start of the semi-finals

Rome-Credem Banca SuperLega is entering the primary stage. During the weekend, in fact, the semi-finals of Scudetto Play Offs will open with two live RAI Sport: Perugia – Monza scheduled for Saturday March 27 at 8.15pm, and Civitanova – Trento on Sunday March 28 at 6.00 PM. The series will be better than five matches, and the busy teams will play every three or four days.

Eliminated by Trento in the Champions League semi-finals of the CEV Champions League despite winning the second leg 3-2, Sir Safety Konad Perugia, the regular season winner, indulged in a “beauty” by a tenacious Milan in the quarter-finals, in the semifinals of the Scudetto . Against the fourth power of the regular season, Ferro Volley Monza, an outdoor player who passed the previous round with a stunning victory in Race 3 with Fibo Valentia. This is no challenge. 22 between the two teams, with Block Devils getting the big sound so far with 15 overall successes. In the current season, the Brianza-based hex has won a seasonal crossover for the tournament, but the only series of Play Offs between Umbria and Lombardy, which took place two years ago and is fit for a quarter, saw Sir’s triumph with two wins to one. . The rosters feature three former Perouge players, including Lanza, MVB and Monza Lighthouse in the last match, which was signed during the current season. Among the guests are Plotnytskyi, in the 100th and 3-point match of 1000, and Solé, in search of the 500th block.

Winner of Del Monte® Coppa Italia, but in the Cev Cev Champions League quarter-finals, Cucine Lube Civitanova reacted at SuperLega Credem Banca by knocking out Modena. The “Blengini Treatment” and the absence of two senior players unsettled the Chefs from their slumber, able to stretch themselves and tame a high-profile competitor like Leo Shoes in two matches. Culinary company Leal has recovered in the last few hours and awaits good news on the De Cecco front in light of the confrontation with Itas Trentino, the Lorenzetti team starting in good shape, as evidenced by the separation pass from the SuperFinal of CEV Champions League. Punished by absence in the first part of the tournament and eliminated by Perugia in the semifinals of Del Monte® Coppa Italia and Giallobl grew up finding themselves and improving their playing style. A few days of no challenge. 78, Lube offers 43 as opposed to 34 previously. With the exception of the 2009-2010 semifinal series, head-to-head encounters smiled in the qualifiers against the Marshallian, who had won the Final in 2011/12 and 2016/17, but also in the semi-finals 2018/19. Season balance: two home wins both in the regular season and in the Super Cup (Civitanova is ahead of the Gold Group). Three exes, including the Juantorena and Podrascanin flags.

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Sir Konad Perugia – REAL VOLLEY MONZA-

the previous: 21 (15 successes Perugia and 6 successes at Monza)
Previous in season: 2 races – 2 times per regular season (2 Monza wins)
A precedent in playing: 3 races – 3 in the 2018/19 quarter-finals (2 wins from Perugia, 1 wins in Monza)
the previous: Filippo Lanza in Monza in 2020/21, Olé Plotnitsky in Monza in 2017-2018, Thomas Beretta in Perugia on 2014/15, Gianluca Galassi in Perugia on 2018/19
Search for records:
In the playoffs: Alexander Atansegevich – 19 points versus 120, Ole Plotnitsky – 11 points against 100 (Sir Safety Konad Perugia), Maxwell Philip Holt – 6 points versus 300, Filippo Lanza – 15 points versus 500 (Ferro Volley Monza)
In his career: Alexander Atanasegevich – 10 points at 4500, Ole Plotnitsky – played 1 game at 100, – 3 points at 1000, Sebastian Sule – 1 wall at 500, Thejs ter Horst – 9 points at 1400 (Sir Safety Konad Perugia) Thomas Beretta – 8 points for 2200 (Vero Folley Monza)

Dragan Travika (Sir Safety Konad Perugia) – “ Let’s go back with the head in the box and focus on Scudetto Play Offs. Obviously, we all wanted to make it to the Champions League final and there was disappointment in our lack of success. But in volleyball, the court is a non-appealable judge whose ruling must always be accepted. Now we have to be good and stressed to respond quickly and recover mentally and physically in light of Race 1 against Monza. It will be a match and overall a very difficult series because it is true and normal for the Scudetto semifinals. Monza plays beautiful volleyball and has important weapons on the wall, both in attack and in service. We have to be prepared, the season gives us another great goal we’re trying to achieve and we want to try with all our might. ».

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Massimo Ichili (Coach Ferro Fuli Monza) – “ I think all the matches that await us in this series against Perugia will be tough. We will have to face them in a positive spirit, the same as we did against Vibo Valentia, trying to be relevant and competitive with the challenges that lie ahead. Is Perugia’s exit from the Champions League good or bad? I will not say any of these. However, he would definitely have more energy to invest in the tournament on a mental level as well. They will have to shed a little disappointment, but they are a strong team, big ambitions, and I don’t think they can be affected by that. The first semi-final of the Scudetto for us? There is curiosity on our part and a desire to embark on this adventure to put ourselves to the test. The real feeling is here. Two victories against them in the regular season? Here everything changes. It starts from zero to zero ».

Cookin Loop Civitanova – ITAS Trentino-

the previous: 77 (43 successes for Civitanova, 34 successes for Trento)
Previous in season: 4 races – 2 in the regular season (1 victory for Trento and 1 win for Loop), 2 in Del Monte® Super Cup (1 victory for Trento and 1 victory for Loeb with the Gold Group)
A precedent in playing: 12 races – 4 in the 2018/19 semifinals (3 Loeb successes, 1 Trento success), 3 in 2016/17 Final (3 Civitanova successes), 1 in 2011/12 V-Day Final (1 Civitanova success), 4 In the 2009/10 semi-finals (3 Trento successes, 1 Civitanova success)
the previous: Osmany Juantorena in Trento from 2009/10 to 2012/2013, Dick Kooy in Lube on 2012/13, Marko Podrascanin in Lube from 2008/09 to 2015/16
Search for records:
In the playoff: Luciano di Seco – 1 point for 200, Simone Anzani – 15 points for 300 (Cosine Loeb Civitanova), Marco Podraskanen – 4 winning blocks for 200 (Itas Trentino)
In his career: Enrico Diamantini – 9 points versus 900, Yuandi Lille – 15 victorious attacks against 1000, Robertlandi Simon – 19 victorious attacks versus 1000 (Cosin Loeb Civitanova), Nimer Abdulaziz – 14 points versus 2000, Andrea Argenta – 6 points against 1600, Alessandro Michelito – 6 points versus 500, Marco Podraskanen – 15 points versus 3600 (Itas Trentino) Osmani Juantorina – 19 points versus 4600 (Cosine Loeb Civitanova)

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Fabio Palazzo (Cosine Loeb Civitanova) – “Trento’s achievement in the Champions League semi-finals did not surprise me if anything confirmed the value of this group. With them the game of chess would be based on the double challenge between transmission and reception, but the relationship between defense and wall would be crucial as well. We are facing a team that never gives up and never gives up. As it happens to us a bit, Itas can also take a stoop, but then he comes back and fights to the end. Even without our fans, the domestic worker can affect and facilitate us from nine meters. ”

Simone Giannelli (Itas Trentino) – “We all know very well how strong Civitanova is, he showed it throughout Sasson’s regular run, and he also did it in the quarter-finals against Modena, despite having to lay off important players like Lille and De Seiko, and I’m sure he will prove that too. “Semi-finals. It will be a great challenge, as we will have to propose ourselves firmly and boldly to try to put Lube in difficulty since the first race on Sunday in Civitanova, where we have never won in the past. All this is an additional reason that we have more motivators.

Match 1 program and references from PLAY OFF SEMIFINALS

Saturday March 27, 8.15 p.m.

Sir Cunad Perugia – Ferro Foley, Monza Rulers: Frappicini, Corto

Sunday March 28, 6.00 p.m.

Kosin Loeb Civitanova – ITAS Trentino Rulers: Zanussi, Florian

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