Giants News, 1/4: Doug Pederson irks giants

good morning, New York Giants Fans! And yes, it’s a good morning even though Doug Pederson blew up the Giants’ chance to win the NFC East title by playing Nate Sudfeld in the center-midfield in the fourth quarter Sunday night against Washington Soccer Team.

Pederson criticized

Giant players and former players were not happy with the Eagles coach.

Pederson claimed it was Play to win the game.

Pederson then claimed “I was training to win,” indicating that he had not received orders from the front office. “That was just my decision. Obviously, Nate has been here for four years and I felt he deserved a chance to get some shots.” …

Pederson continued, “Listen, if there’s anything he thinks I wasn’t trying to win the match, [Zach] Ertz is there, Brandon Graham is there, Darius Sly is there, all the big players are still on the field at the end.

“We were going to win the match.”

I don’t buy what Pederson sells. And there aren’t many others.

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Mike McCarthy did not challenge Dante Pettis’ capture because “it was too close” – ProFootballTalk

“There is no doubt that if Dallas had challenged this matter, it would have reversed into an incomplete pass,” FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira, a former superintendent of NFL officials, said during the broadcast.

McCarthy didn’t challenge that, and Graham Jano hit a field goal from 50 yards with 6:27 left to give the Giants the margin of final victory.

“It felt like it was too close,” McCarthy said of the decision not to challenge the hunt, via ESPN’s Todd Archer. “I felt it was a strong position and the truth of the matter is that we were in a tight match and it was clear that all three dates were high value there. We just didn’t think there was enough information to cancel that.”

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