Tour operator looking for 500 young people for summer vacation – Sardinia

With Giocamondo job opportunities in tourism also to Sardinia

Job opportunities on the way for many young Sardinians in the tourism sector: Giocamundo returns again this year to open its doors to around 500 people for potential job opportunities. The tour operator, which operates both locally and internationally, has scheduled a series of online selections to determine which employees will be employed during the upcoming summer period – a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks from the end of June to mid-August – on holiday accommodation for children in Italy and abroad, In European and non-European sites.

Selections are done online weekly, allowing all interested candidates to book an interview appointment. People interested in working on the Giocamondo and Giocamondo Study summer residences can access the “Working with us” section of the website. The numbers needed are many: Socio-educational animator in Italy, Group Leader for Abroad and Italy, Travel Guide (back to back), Summer Center Secretary, Interior Assistant, Night Keeper, Athletic Director, Animation Director, English teacher, Disabled educator specialist. We are also looking for graduate doctors and nurses (registered in the professional registry), social and health workers.

The minimum age requirement for all professionals is 21 years for Italy and 23 years for abroad, plus a desire to travel and stay in holiday centers in the summer for at least two consecutive weeks. Selected students will work in the many holiday centers in Abruzzo, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino, Lazio, Sardinia, Puglia, Sicily, Valle d’Aosta and Emilia-Romagna, but also abroad in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Malta, the United States, California, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

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