Golf, harsh accusations from the CEO of the Arab League Championship Greg Norman on the Pga . tour

Rome – Clashes between PGA Tour And the Arab Premier League. The Executive Director from the last Greg Normanformerly #1 in the world of greens for men and is now CEO of Life Golf Investments sponsored by bf – sovereign fundKingdom Saudi Arabia He attacks his opponents fiercely:In our opinion and in the eyes of the law, threats PGA Tour Targeting players is not allowed by competition and rulesIn a letter addressed to the players and their agents, Norman He strongly attacked the policies of the major American circle to keep its members and prevent them from marrying a project Saudi golf league.

Then unleashes a more decisive attack

keep it up Norman: “Permanently removed from PGA Tour It is not permissible for someone who decides to go and play in another arena. It is an act of bullying. The PGA Tour Refuses to engage in constructive dialogue to improve the game and sports.and for now Jay Monhanauthorized PGA Tour, repeats. “Players have to decide and who will choose Saudi League He will lose his record at the best American circuitDuring a possible comment of Phil Mickelson – who lashed out PGA Tourmaking harsh accusations atKingdom Saudi Arabiajust to apologize – Monhan Please do not comment and keep the story confidential.

tiger woods: "I don't know when I'll be back"

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Tiger Woods: “I don’t know when I’ll be back playing”

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