Laporta offers to renew annuity: Messi thinks about it | News

Numerous clues lead to Leo’s future in Blaugrana being considered very likely

After a summer full of passion and bags to make and empty, Messi He seemed to be waiting for the end of the current season to move elsewhere. Then he returned and then the top management changed LaportaLiu realized that a BarcelonaAfter all, it’s not that bad. However, the key point for Argentina is always the same: to have a guarantee that Barcelona will be back in competition again as soon as possible, given that. Champions LeagueFor example, he hasn’t been on the billboard since 2015. The president reassured him, despite the club’s economic troubles, and Haaland It is the most convincing programmatic statement.

Leo took these past few days to ponder, finally moving away from his endless streak of commitments on the field. According to reports, a renewal could come with Barcelona before the end of the season and could be completed even without the father’s agent, who does not have any upcoming trips to Spain planned. The Laporta Project aims to give Liu a yearly salary, a contract that forever ties him to the Blaugrana colors with managerial positions at the end of his sports career. To merge Messi with the Barcelona brand for life, with the possibility of leaving the Argentine free if he wants to spend the last few coins of his career, in a few years, in the United States or Qatar.

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