TIM ad against stereotypes

TIM Group’s new corporate advertisement will be on air from July 13, starring Azzurre who will represent Italy at the FIFA Women’s World Cup which kicks off July 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

At the heart of the story is the direction of the director Cinzia Pedretti, A bit of a fan of the women’s national team, who, out of passion, want to fulfill the dream of becoming a professional soccer player by pushing boundaries and prejudices that can still be a difficult hurdle to overcome even in the world of sports.

The site is a new chapter in the campaign’Communication powerWhich emphasizes the importance of relationships to transcend distances and find strength and motivation to implement ever more ambitious projects. TIM is committed to overcoming gender stereotypes, as has the girls of the national soccer team.

TIM is the lead partner for the women’s national soccer team and supports the talents of women in every field, starting in the world of sports, because gender equality can’t wait. Gender equality is a key driver of innovation, growth and talent attraction.

MÃ¥neskin’s hit “The Loneliest” is the soundtrack for instant streaming broadcast tomorrow on major TV stations in 30 “and 45″ format and on Publitalia networks in special edition 50”, on the web with a dedicated video strategy and on social media.

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