Why Paris Hilton is calling for this Utah school to close

YouTube recently released a documentary Paris Hilton Titled This is Paris. In the revealing film, Hilton describes a traumatic experience from her past at the Youth Therapy Center. Here’s why you were a former entrepreneur Reality star Requests to close this facility forever.

In the Paris Hilton documentary, the perfume and makeup mogul recalls terrifying memories from a young age

Paris Hilton
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Hilton’s latest YouTube documentary This is Paris It depicts a completely different view of the media personality than many people have seen in the past. Former reality show star Simple life She tells her traumatic history of being sent to a behavior modification school in Provo Canyon, Utah as a teenager. in a This is Paris, Hilton recalls her tormenting experience during her 11 months at school, during which counselors monitored teenage bathroom use and showers, and verbally abused them. It also alleges that the employees imposed her isolation, similar to solitary confinement.

After seeing the businesswoman and tattoo artist doctor Kat Von D. Has follow-up Instagram Mail. She did detail eerily similar to Hilton. Von D’s parents also sent her to Provo Canyon for 6 months, which the LA Ink star says is the cause of her “great PTSD.”

She shared in an Instagram video: “… they were definitely the most traumatic six months of my life.”

Other former students of Provo Canyon cite similar claims

However, it’s not just celebrities who have spoken out against school. The facility has been open for 50 years, and a series of claims have haunted Provo Canyon.

“There is a pattern of controversy and allegations of abuse that extend from the 1980s to today at one of the largest residential treatment centers for youth in Utah,” Salt Lake Tribune mentioned.

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Provo Canyon has remained open amidst “multiple lawsuits” and even “state threats to revoke its license.”

The post spoke to 8 Provo Canyon alumni, as they reported their claims very similar to Hilton and Von D. By tribe:

They spoke of frequent physical limitations, with as many as 10 employees piling on toddlers. Some were chemically drugged, or even over-treated to the point where they felt like zombies. Others have reported being left in isolation rooms for several days after experiencing problems with things like not getting out of bed or ordering an inhaler.

Von D stated in her Instagram post that Provo Canyon is trying to disavow its responsibility by indicating a change in school ownership since both makeup pioneers have attended.

for every Fox, Provo Canyon posted a statement on their website stating that “the former owners sold the school in 2000.”

And they continued, “We are committed to providing high-quality care for young people with special needs, which are often complex, emotional, behavioral and psychological.”

But that doesn’t speak to the fact that these schools – of which there are many, operate across the United States (Hilton has enrolled many) – are for-profit organizations. Meaning: They make money off troubled teens and their parents’ concern for their children.

Paris Hilton is now protesting publicly against the school in Utah

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According to FOX, Hilton recently transferred her efforts from the screen to the real world, leading a personal protest against Provo Canyon.

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Hilton and other protesters wore T-shirts that read “Survivor” and “Break the Silence.” The latter, according to FOX reports, is “a nod to Hilton’s new campaign to force others to shed light on what it believes is a corrupt industry that manipulates parents and hurts young people.”

Hilton said in a speech to the other protesters:

It’s so painful that you don’t even want to think it’s real. It is something that kept it from my memory forever.

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