The United States will be a democracy in crisis, but China is not the new reference model

The United States is experiencing a double dip in credibility, politics and image, which governments like Russia and China want to turn into propaganda to legitimize their global leadership that can only be relied upon as fools.

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facts Capitol Hill They are swinging The scales of the world. Long live the United States of America, the largest democracy in the world, one Image crisis That did not actually arise from the attempted coup two days ago, but it is a result It is a road that has been going on for years And that it was in those disturbances that he found his maximum expression. a President Who throughout his tenure attacked and attacked the rule of law Deviate institutions What is now censored on all social networks for his violent messaging is the best picture of the country in which American democracy finds itself. The USA modelWhich has been studied in the history books and issued abroad, proves to be a much less paradigm than previously thought and this opens up An important vacuum in global geopolitics. However, those who creep into this chasm today are a grimmer version of that democracy, proving how the future of the planet risks being characterized by an authoritarian emergency.

Most of the feast spent on the ruins of Capitol Hill in the past few hours have been there China And the Russia. Two of the major global powers, vying for global hegemony specifically for the United States, are only waiting for its crisis to be able to inflict propaganda on it. “American democracy is swinging on its feet“Wrote Chairman of the Russian Federal Council for Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachov, While Dmitry PolianskyAnd Deputy Russian Ambassador to the United NationsCompare the Washington riots to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2014. In China, instead, they went improbable. Comparisons between rioting extremists on Capitol Hill and pro-democracy revolutionaries in Hong KongAnd denouncing the hypocrisy of an American policy, it praises the latter and suppresses the first.

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The similarities between Russia and China between the US coup attempt and the events in Ukraine and Hong Kong illustrate howA democratic emergency It is a universal truth Even before America. The city-state riots and the Orange Revolution were riots for democracy, and were violently suppressed by authorities and armies to maintain the status quo in the name ofAuthoritarianism. The opposite of what happened in the United States, where riots arose out of the desire to undermine and suppress the rule of law with the goal of preserving democracy (albeit weak). Thus, if the problem of the United States is on a fragile social and political ground on which it is based, with segments of the population, parliamentarians and the former president who now wants to cut off the legs of democracy that works only halfway but is trying to resist, in China. And in Russia the exact opposite happens. Authoritarianism fights in order not to be eliminated by democratic uprisings. The result is that the situation is bad in both cases, but he who presents himself as an alternative to the American democratic decline is only a more dangerous version of it.

Other nations closer to dictatorship than democracy have also expressed concern about the events of Capitol Hill, which has suddenly emerged as an alternative to the decline of the American rule of law. This is the case with Venezuela From Nicolas MaduroDellIran From Hassan Rouhani Or from Turkey From Recep ErdoganAuthoritarian schools in the Festival of Hypocrisy made even the correct accusations on paper about what was happening in Washington and its surroundings, but they forgot what was happening in their backyard. The crisis in America has allowed the somewhat hidden dictatorships of the world to point fingers Against the tortured model of Western democracy, and not presenting a purer model for it, based on combating inequality, the balance between institutions, protecting everyone’s rights and so on, but even the most extreme regimes where all critical American and Western issues are taken to the extreme.

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The future that has been set is anything but rosy. The American Anarchy He opened his eyes to a model of democracy that was not really good, but the alternative we risk filling this void comes from The rise of authoritarian powers like China. The solution lies not on either side, but in a third, purer path to democracy and the rule of law, which perhaps none is more thanEuropean Union It can embody what are its founding principles. Here, too, in between Mislead Dependent Immigration policies And attacks on the rule of law of countries such as Hungary and Poland, the situation is not the best, however, it is necessary to correct the game. In order not to fall into the American abyss itself and open a new democratic rift, the dictatorships of the world are ready to celebrate.

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