The secrets of caring for this plant that purifies the air of the home

The air in many homes is polluted to some degree. In some cases, the air in homes and apartments can be more polluted than outside air. It just isn’t Molds. Household pollution can be caused by many different factors. As a result, you could lose our health.

If the ventilation of the house is not sufficient, we can use several solutions to purify the air. Among them is to place plants in the house that are able to purify the air. Today, sachet-dropping experts will talk about Ficus Benjamin and the secrets of treating this plant’s air-purifying home.

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Ficus Benjamin said

Ficus Benjamin is a very popular plant in Italy. Coming from Southeast Asia, this plant helps purify the air in our apartments. It is also very easy to treat. In fact, it suffices to follow a few tricks to make her live at her best and always thrive.

First of all, it is necessary to place this plant in a suitable place. Let’s choose a very bright place where the ficus does not get direct light. If the leaves are exposed to a lot of sunlight, they may burn and turn yellow. So it is important to pay attention to where we put Ficus Benjamin especially in summer.

The secrets of caring for this plant that purifies the air of the home

To make a plant Ficus Benjamin Care must be taken when watering, pruning, re-pruning, and used soil. The latter should be well drained and fertilized. Therefore, it is recommended to use peat and sand and fertilize our plants regularly.

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But how often do you need to water Ficus Benjamin? This home cleansing plant doesn’t need a lot of water. If kept in a warm environment, they will need to be watered every 10 to 15 days in the winter. If they’re kept in cooler areas instead, we can even water them every month. However, in the summer, the ficus needs water every 3 or 4 days.

Finally, our plant may need pruning or re-pruning. Let’s flip Ficus Benjamin at the end of winter and bring it back in the spring. By following all these secrets to caring for Ficus, we will have a beautiful and always luxurious plant.

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