If you plan to stock up on canned food, pay attention to these rules – they save your life

How to choose canned foods to keep in stock. (Streetfoodnews)

It’s convenient to keep canned food in the pantry as a backup when you don’t have time to shop or in case of an emergency, but there are a few rules to follow.

In the early 19th century, French chef and pastry chef Nicolas Appert noticed this Food would have been better preserved if it was sealed in glass vials, then boiled in a bain-marie, a process we know today as “appertization”.

Appert devoted a large part of his life to the study of food preservation methods and many also credit him with inventing the first Food stored in tin cans.

an idea that was later patented by two Englishmen, Donkin and Hall, who in the same years began producing metal chests at a factory in Bermondsey. They were tested by the British army itself during naval expeditions to the North Pole.

But to see the first canned food on store shelves, you will have to wait until 1830, since then it has never been better because this method of preservation allows you to use out-of-season foods, save time and make small food supplies. But be careful when choosing, because not all packages are the same.

How to choose packaged foods

Obviously, since things have changed a lot in Appert’s time, the progress of science and research has allowed us to make a good assessment Risks associated with the materials used to create the packages. In particular, there is a material used for food packaging called Bisphenol A (BPA), which is an endocrine disruptor.

in practice The particles that make up matter They may have some Negative effects on the hormone production system in our body. Although this possibility seems very low, some advise avoiding products packed with this substance, especially in early childhood and during pregnancy. Fortunately, many industries are now using BPA-free packaging.

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Some blemishes on the outside of the cans can be a sign of food deterioration. (Streetfoodnews)

What do you look for when buying canned food?

The first thing you should pay attention to when buying Canned food It sure ispackage integrity. Apart from superficial scratches, it is important that the casing is intact, without cracks and above all without bulging. when the package swellsis often an indication that the product inside may have deteriorated and therefore present a health risk.

Preserving food is not just about foodthe casing but also for the materials added to the interior, such as sugar, salt and other preservatives. To maintain your health, it is a good idea to choose all those products that contain fewer additives. Remember to always discard the preservation liquid, when the produce is in brine it can be rinsed quickly to get rid of excess salt. When foods are in oil, simply remove excess oil.

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