The perpetrator flies a plane over a British city with a “sorry” sign after the words “left toilet seat up”.

Someone with a guilty conscience made a big gesture in an attempt to win back someone they loved.

A plane was seen flying a banner reading “I love you, Danielle, sorry” yesterday (Saturday 12 June) over Fendren, near Derby.

Derbyshire Live shared the photo on their Facebook page, asking readers what they suspected the rider was guilty of.

While we’ll probably never know why the banner is there, that didn’t stop the public from theorizing.

Cheating was the most common suggestion, but there were also some funny and creative suggestions.

Someone guessed: “I forgot to put the utensils in the dishwasher.”

Another joked: “Dinner was burnt.”

“The toilet seat is up… again” I guessed the third.

Someone advanced: “Twist: Danielle was mad at this guy for wasting all of her money writing Heavens.”

Other suggestions included:

  • Laundry proved poorly
  • Maybe he forgot to put gasoline in the car
  • Forgot to turn off the landing light
  • Forgot to wash the dishes
  • I’m back in the conversation
  • I haven’t been home since Friday
  • He might have called her by her former name

One of the women claimed that “scary men will try anything,” while dozens of other women demanded the grand gesture or an apology from their parents to move on.

Ryan Reynolds and his team from Wrexham were recently hunted by Stockport fans with a banner

Two weeks ago, Stockport County fans marched on Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham by waving a banner in the semi-finals of their play-off against Grimsby Town.

As the teams warmed up before the fight, BT Sport cameras shot high at a small plane pulling a banner behind it. “SCFC champions chant thanks evf x,” the message reads, referring to Stockport’s standing as champions and their manager’s motto Dave Challinor.

Even Leeds locals were enjoying bewilderment recently when an X-rated banner was spotted flying over the city.

The sign – attached to a plane and reading “cl** not hard to find” – caught the public’s attention.

The stunt was part of a marketing campaign to advertise Naked Grapefruit, a sexual health store that claims to “cure the taboo, one body safe toy at a time.”

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