Best TV Series to Watch April 2021

A look at the teen crowd and the genre story. The proposals are not to be missed

There’s something for all tastes (and tastes) in this April series, which always shows an attentive eye to the teen audience – tough but precious – and the genre’s story. From Victorian London to the miserable and eastern ambiance, platforms travel along already-worn paths with the goal of unification. Repetita iuvant (to an extent).

An eight-episode crime drama based on the true story of Charles Subhraj, most popular Serial killer Dacia In the 1970s, he lured western tourists with the help of his Canadian girlfriend Marie-Andre Leclerc, robbed them and then brutally killed them. Filmed almost entirely in Thailand and co-produced by BBCThe series is actually about ChaseSobhraj – a French jeweler of origin – became the world’s most sought-after partner; On their way they would investigate a Canadian diplomat and the intelligence services. A story that mixes the flair of genre, the search for entertainment and the escape from reality, Good pace and shiny aesthetic. For those looking for a broader story than a deep one.

Horror anthological series It is produced by Lena Waithe (Denise of Master of None), which tells the story of an African-American family who moved in the 1950s to a Los Angeles suburb inhabited only by whites. Their house is covered with wood panels and with floral decoration, it is a small coffin that should protect their happiness and instead becomes the scene of strange supernatural phenomena spread by evil forces that will disturb the life of the family. Tale of a genre, currently only available in the original version with subtitles, this It combines formal patronage and narrative tension. For those who love action-packed stories and interesting packaging.

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In conjunction with the US (where it airs on Hbo), this series has an emphasis on focus Victoria London and a group of women with unusual and socially unacceptable traits. They obtained unique powers through a supernatural event in which only a portion of the British population, who is now in danger of being angry and ostracizing the rest of humanity, took part. But it quickly becomes apparent that the fate of those “affected” is linked to a broader and more complex plan. over there Science fiction component It expresses the full story that shows itself, as usual in this type of production Subtle and complex, full of different narrative examples, all hosted under the cover of period drama.

In the quota Black comedy Comes as a surprise (and three years after its release in the US) the story adjacent to the ghost of Barry (Bill Hader), a now ex-Marine combat fighter who arrives in Los Angeles for a mission, only to come across the acting cycle that makes him change his life. Working on emotions, as every good actor should do, awakens passive feelings towards crimes committed in the past, in a narrative game that finds in this story a balance of tone, oscillating between surrealism and emotionalism. A very popular experience abroad.

He ditched Dr. Gates’s lab coat in the ER for a while, John Stamos is now dedicated to basketball And in this new Disney + series, he plays a coach who has just been ousted from the NCAA (the Basketball Association that unites American college teams) while he’s in Training of a women’s team from a private high school. The girls’ group will have different approaches and needs to the game than Coach Korn is used to, so the coach will have to acquire new grammar rules … in the hope that she will achieve results on and off the field.

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The Journalist Julian Lauren Puts a subject for this docuserie The unique relationship built with Sam Little, one of America’s most prolific serial killers. The woman helped put together the parts of a very large investigation involving investigators, survivors, and relatives of the deceased in order to capture Little and reconstruct his work style and the logic of the crimes. The series also focuses on the flaws of the US legal system and the prejudices it shows toward various types of minorities. Matrix documentary story with clear point of view explanation.

Series inspired by Novel by Antonio Decelli Di Stefano I was never my age (Published by Mondadori) and considered as a screenwriter with Menotti and Stefano Voltaggio, this one A teenage tale Focuses on Omar, the boy who lives in a neighborhood Suburbs of Milan He who discovers that he has a supernatural power: invisibility. Nicknamed Zero, for this very reason – because of his sense of hero – Omar will have to save his neighborhood from imminent danger, with the complicity of a group of friends. The package was completed with a large selection of music by the most relevant artists of recent years. The package is perfect for a young audience looking for a rhythmic and entertaining story.

After a long pregnancy, Anna has arrived at Sky Atlantic, Quote of the novel of the same name by Niccol Omanity (Posted by EinaudiWhich tells about prof A miserable world reduced to a minimum Where a young girl leaves – Anna (played by newcomer Julia Dragotto) – to search for her kidnapped brother Astor. Guided on this journey is the notebook her mother left for her, the Book of Important Things, in which the essential things that must be remembered to actually move in are jotted down, even if the world she encounters has very different appearances from what she left behind. behind. International co-production holds together The ability to see, glowing atmospheres, and archaic emotions. An ambitious story to tell and follow.

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Adapt the name itself Novel by Lee Bardogo (Published in Italy by Piemme), The series tells about A fictional reality inhabited by creatures that feed on human flesh. The world is divided into two halves by an enormous barrier of permanent darkness that a young female soldier discovers she can overcome to finally unite the two parts of the Earth. When she trains to hone her strength, she will be attacked by evil creatures and various humans who will try to hinder her. For fans of the genre and for those who appreciate epic tales.

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