Brexit: Imports of pasta, oil and tomato sauce

Due to Brexit in the UK, imports of Italian pasta, extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce have declined.

Coldiretti revealed, based on Istat data for the first five months of 2021, that due to Britain’s exit from the European Union, In the United kingdom imports Italian pasta, extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce.

As for the Noodles, there is talk of a 28% decrease in importsAs for tomato sauce it lost 16% and extra virgin olive oil 13%.

After Brexit, the British seem to have decided to say goodbye Mediterranean diet. But not only that: liquor and sparkling wine imports from Italy also decreased, by -7% and there was also a loss in the Italian cheese sector by -9%.

Britain's exit from the European Union

On average, there is talk of a loss of 5% of Italian food and drink imports into Great Britain. The export problem is related to bureaucratic and administrative difficulties linked to England’s exit from the European Union.

Anyone exporting to the UK has to deal with complicated procedures customs And with increased transportation costs associated with delays caused by increased controls.

Great Britain ranks fourth among Italy’s trading partners, ahead of only Germany, France and the United States. However, the problems caused by Brexit is difficult 3.4 billion of agricultural food exports Annual Citizens of the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the risk is the arrival of foods and beverages from outside the EU that do not comply with EU safety standards, including Forgery and imitation Made in Italy products (including Parmigiano Reggiano and Chianti).

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