The News Teller: Nvidias RTX Video Super Resolution Upscaling Tech Now Supported by RTX 20 Series GPUs

Nvidia Enhances RTX 20 Series GPUs with RTX Video Super Resolution

In a significant move to enhance the capabilities of its older GPUs, Nvidia has recently released a new GPU driver that allows RTX 20 Series GPU owners to use RTX Video Super Resolution upscaling technology. Previously, this advanced feature was limited to only the RTX 30 and 40 series graphics cards.

The RTX Video Super Resolution upscaling feature utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and Tensor Cores to vastly improve the quality of videos, supporting resolutions of up to 4K. This enhancement ensures that users with the RTX 20 series GPUs can now enjoy higher-quality video content without the need for a graphics card upgrade.

Moreover, Nvidia has expanded the compatibility of RTX Video Super Resolution, making it available on popular internet browsers Chrome and Edge, as well as the widely-used VLC media player. This wider integration of the technology allows users to experience improved video quality across various platforms and applications.

Nvidia’s decision to bring RTX Video Super Resolution to the RTX 20 series GPUs comes after the company publicly announced that the underlying algorithms required substantial refinement to be compatible with these older cards. The inclusion of this feature extends the lifespan of the RTX 20 series GPUs, enabling users to maximize the performance and quality of their graphics cards.

It is worth noting that the RTX 20 series GPUs gained significant popularity in late 2021 when Nvidia reintroduced the RTX 2060 with a variant featuring 12GB of RAM. This move addressed the demand for more memory in mid-range GPUs, further cementing the relevance and appeal of the RTX 20 series.

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Nvidia’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence is not limited to the RTX Video Super Resolution technology. The company also utilizes AI in other groundbreaking ways, such as Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which enhances gaming visuals, and the Eye Contact feature for Nvidia Broadcast.

In conclusion, Nvidia’s latest release of the GPU driver allowing RTX 20 Series GPU owners to utilize RTX Video Super Resolution is a remarkable update that elevates the capabilities of these older graphics cards. With improved video quality and expanded compatibility, users can expect a heightened viewing experience. Follow IGN Reporter Taylor on Twitter @TayNixster for more updates on Nvidia’s advancements and other notable tech news.

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