Jaeyeon Jung, Head of SmartThings, illuminates challenges and platform evolution [Interview]

Title: “SmartThings by Samsung Expands Home Automation Capabilities with New Partnerships and Enhancements”

Samsung’s SmartThings platform has solidified its position as a leading smart home platform, featuring a wide array of Samsung devices at its core. Recently, SmartThings has announced support for industry protocols like Matter, enabling users to choose from a diverse range of smart devices to enhance their smart home setup.

In collaboration with the Home Connectivity Alliance, Samsung has revolutionized user control with new features like Hub Everywhere and hub capabilities in consumer electronics devices. Notably, Samsung sound bars can now function as hubs, offering seamless integration and expanding coverage for multi-hub smart homes with enhanced reliability.

To empower partners and extract more value from the platform, SmartThings has introduced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) and enhanced API. Partner applications can now incorporate SmartThings Home AI, making the smart home experience even more intelligent. The platform utilizes Context API, a powerful machine learning engine that leverages available data to create smarter smart home solutions.

Another notable development is the SmartThings Find network, which comprises Find Nodes and findable devices. To date, over 300 million Find Nodes have been deployed on the platform. However, building the network came with challenges such as scalability and optimized battery life for Find Nodes, which Samsung diligently addressed.

Although Samsung has closely collaborated with Google on software, SmartThings Find remains closely aligned with its own ecosystem. The introduction of the Map Full View feature enhances accessibility and visual appeal, making it easier for users to navigate their smart homes.

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Listening to customer feedback, Samsung has made design changes to the Galaxy SmartTag2 to improve portability and water resistance. This versatile device holds potential use cases in business environments, with proof of concept already developed for logistics operations.

SmartThings Station, another popular addition to the platform, has received positive feedback. This all-in-one hub boasts an integrated button and wireless charging, offering convenience to SmartThings users. It is worth noting that Z-Wave is not supported on SmartThings Station, as the focus is on supporting Matter protocols based on Thread and Wi-Fi.

With these exciting advancements, Samsung’s SmartThings platform continues to transform the smart home landscape. By expanding partnerships, enhancing APIs, and introducing innovative features, SmartThings offers users a comprehensive and intelligent home automation experience.

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