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Title: Apple Struggles with “End Call” Button Placement in iOS 17, Testing New Center Layout

In preparation for the launch of iOS 17, Apple is reportedly facing challenges in deciding the optimal location for the crucial “End Call” button. The tech giant, known for its meticulous attention to detail, is keen on ensuring an intuitive user experience for its customers. However, finding the right spot for this important button has proven to be a source of frustration for Apple’s design team.

Initially, Apple relocated the “End Call” button to the bottom right during voice and video calls. However, latest reports indicate that the company is now experimenting with placing it in the center of the screen, surrounded by other app icons. In the most recent update to the iOS 17 beta, users can see the red “End” button situated in the middle, accompanied by options such as Audio, FaceTime, Mute, Add (People), and Keypad.

The decision to move the button to the bottom right in earlier versions of iOS drew criticism from users who argued that muscle memory made it more natural to hang up calls by pressing down in the middle. Apple seems to have taken these concerns into account and is exploring alternatives. However, the proposed center location may create new challenges for users who prefer a clean, unobstructed space on their screens.

One potential drawback of the new placement is the risk of accidentally pressing other buttons, such as the “FaceTime” button, while attempting to end a call. Users have expressed concerns about this potential inconvenience and the possible disruption it may cause during important conversations.

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The iOS 17 beta 6 update suggests that Apple may be finalizing its additions prior to the anticipated September release. Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further details about the iPhone 17 and Apple Watch Series 9 lineups, which are expected to be unveiled next month.

Despite user demand for the freedom to choose button placement during calls, it is unlikely that Apple will provide such an option. The company has been known to prioritize their aesthetic vision over customization features, and this situation appears to be no exception.

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As Apple continues its quest to deliver the best user experience possible, the positioning of the “End Call” button remains a prominent issue in the upcoming iOS 17. Apple’s decision regarding its final location will likely provoke discussions among users and technology enthusiasts alike.

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