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Marcel Sebstein He is a senior outside designer on behalf of Kia Europe. But through his blog and social media profiles, you can appreciate the business that goes beyond the brand he works for. His digital portfolio is very diverse and extensive, and through his Instagram account marcell_sebestyen You can “enter” into her creativity. For Ferrari fans, recently, Sebastian We’ve been dusting off an F40 concept that seems to come from the future.

Although the profile of the legendary car from Maranello is widely recognizable, The car clearly expresses a more extreme design. The lines look sharper, as in the foreground where a certain rotation of the asset is preferred over an almost “straight” profile. The wheels seem to have “rolled out” of the tires, a feature typical of today’s world of designers to bolster the models’ powerful charge.

The central part is definitely the most characteristic of the whole concept. While originally, the clean lines are interrupted by naca intakes, in the case of the Sebestyen’s F40 we’ve switched to a more extreme design, with the lower part disappearing, while the upper part increases in size and length. This Ferrari concept evolves above all else in terms of length: It can be seen from the tail, which is visible above it. The view ends at the rear, which instead of the classic headlights chooses a red LED stripe, above which a luxurious rear spoiler develops.

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