Tonight everyone with their noses: the passage of the International Space Station with AstroSamantha on board will be visible to the naked eye

Don’t miss out on watching the International Space Station, the International Space Station, whose transit will be broadcast live tonight with our legendary Samantha Cristoforetti on board. The transition will still be visible to the naked eye

If tonight you look at the sky and notice a small bright dot, then know that you admire and salute “Samanta Cristoforetti”: the space station will, in fact, pass over our heads and will be visible to the naked eye.

What you will be able to admire from below here will be a very bright spot, similar to a star that “plows” our sky and these days is completely in orbit around Europe.

A few days ago, AstroSamantha delighted us with photos from space where the amazing astronaut, the Italian Pride, was the first European woman to do a spacewalk.

What time will the space station be visible tonight

The International Space Station is visible with the naked eye in our sky, as of April 28 on board there is also Samantha Cristoforetti. passage This evening is scheduled to start at 21:41 in the northwest until 21:49 in the southeast From 23:17 to 23:22.

The clip from 21:41 will also be able to be watched live on Facebook in the organized event Of a passion for astronomy. The connection in this case will start from 21:25.

Other clips are visible this weekend

The International Space Station will be visible on weekends on these dates and times:

  • Saturday 30th July From 20:52 to 21:02 with a peak at 20:57 and from 22:29 to 22:35
  • Sunday July 31 From 21:40 to 21:48

You can find all the other appointments in the coming weeks over here On the AstronomiAmo Association website. Alternatively you can download ISS live now app You always know where the space station is

AstroSamantha will remain in orbit until the end of September when the crew of the European mission Minerva, which launched into space on April 27, will return to Earth.

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