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back You may soon receive a file Big update With more additional content, or perhaps some kind of expansion, considering that one of the highlights was recently grabbed Size difference As for the trial version of the game, it is not available to users.

A Twitter account that specializes in searching the PlayStation Store database, also known as PlayStation Game Size, recently reported that data for Returnal developers beta shows 6 GB extra Compared to the standard size of the game in the version currently distributed to players.

This is a significant increase in volume, which does not have an accurate explanation at the moment. Considering that the game has been available for several months now, such a big change in file package size could mean adding something new, more than just a fix.

The idea is that it could be a big update that is currently being distributed to developers but not yet to users, who will be sent to them in the coming period anyway. 6 GB more means a fair amount of Additional content, perhaps a kind of expansion of Returnal, which may have reached the right maturity to receive it, six months after its release.

Perhaps many are still waiting for the implementation of a rescue system Various, which could allow you to pause the game more easily during gameplay episodes and these rumors of a big update are rekindling hopes, even if Housemarque has always seemed skeptical about offering such a thing. So we’ll see: Meanwhile, as it’s now known, Housemarque has become an integral part of PlayStation Studios.

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