The four-day workweek begins in the UK (while in Italy it’s still a utopia)

Working 4 days instead of 5 leads to a number of amazing benefits for both employees and companies (as well as the environment)! Now the trial also begins in the UK (while Italy is watching)

Work four days a week to have more free time to devote to family or passions and be more relaxed and focused at the start of a new week. It’s not a dream, but a business model that already exists and is already active in many countries around the world – including Belgium, Spain, the United States, Iceland and the United Arab Emirates. (Also read: The Short Business Week: List of Countries and Companies to Choose)

From today the trial also begins in the UK: for a trial period of six months, from June to November, about sixty companies (totaling 3,000 employees) accepted the challenge of the “short” working week.

employees will work less, But without suffering from a salary cutThis dual objective should have the improvement of corporate productivity and at the same time employee retention. In fact, many British companies find themselves having to deal with a huge staff shortage and with supply far outstripping demand.

The pilot project is coordinated by a non-profit organization 4 days a global weekwhich has also co-launched similar initiatives in other countries (Canada, Australia and New Zealand), in collaboration with researchers from the British universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

It’s not just about getting one day off a week, it’s about increasing productivity, meeting customer service standards and achieving personal and teamwork goals – he explains Andrew Barnesentrepreneur and founder of 4-Day Week Global.

4 days a global week It was made available to all companies wishing to participate in the teachers initiative and courses aimed at preparing personnel managers to manage the workload in a new way, organizing workshops and meetings with other companies already implemented during the four-day working week.

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In addition, a support and assistance network has been created among all British companies that have chosen to reduce the working week of their employees, in order to share and exchange experiences and comments about what is happening in the company.

And in our country?

In Italy, it’s still four days of work instead of roughly five utopias: there are still very few entrepreneurial realities that have actually thought about offering the short workweek. Among these, the multinational company stands out Mondelez International, that launched Future Workplace Initiative Based on a more flexible approach to work, better time management, and a greater sense of responsibility among colleagues.

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