Up to €4,000 for a few old Italian liras, that’s what collectors are really looking for

Old Italian liras make us dream, and not just because they take us back to a more “glorious” past. They can also earn a lot of money.

Recently, the craving for numismatics has increased. This is also thanks to the network, which greatly facilitates the confluence of supply and demand.


Until a few years ago, in fact, Coin collecting was an activity that was considered “for a few”. or anyway This idea was in the collective imagination. With the advent of the Internet and the wide spread of information, inevitably Coins found popularity and greater clarity.

Today it is usual to read about it Some coins that are worth a lot of moneyAnd you really want to try to ride the wave of this (rediscovered) hobby activity. even because of We can have some fun and some good money without necessarily being experts. In fact, we don’t have to look for old coins or who knows rare pieces.

Several old Lire products, which we may have in our drawers, can be worth several dollars. And when selling it we can feel unprecedented emotions, as well as a little replenishment of the wallet. In our other articles we talk about it The most popular at the moment, such as old telephone codes. We might have kept some as a souvenir, and if we find the right collector, we can have a whim, like a nice dinner outside. But now let’s see These are coins worth more than a few thousand euros.

Up to €4,000 for a few old Italian liras, that’s what collectors are really looking for

In this historical moment Italian 5 and 10 Lire go a lot. In addition to taking us back in time and relive the most wonderful moments in our country, they also pay a lot. The site also provides reports contocorrenteonline.itIn fact, Some pieces are very much needed.

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The 5 lira We immediately think about those calls “Dolphin”but versions are there “Grape” Represent Happiness to many collectors. for example, 5 liters of grapes got hit in it 1946 And the 1947 Can easily be tuned to 1200 EUR.

Instead, there are some pieces of 5 lira dolphin got hit in it 1951 In the 1955 Don’t go beyond me 10 euro. But a special example, coined in 1954today is valid until 15 EUR. It’s even better, and from time to time, for 5 lira 1956, Which can be valid today even 2000 Euro.

Go to pieces with The face value is 10 liraThere are some that pay really well. Especially the ones that have been minted over the years 1954And the 1955 And the 1956. In the first caseWe’re around 100 EURAnd the per second about 20 euros While In the third group Let’s start talking about “real money”. Self well preserved May also apply up to 4000 euros.

finally too 50 and 100 old lira They can give us great satisfaction. The 50 lira volcano subordinate 1956 Currently valid until 100 EUR. A version penned instead 1958if not circulated, it can even access a quote from 2000 Euro.

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The 100 liras in 1955 You deserve one today a little luck: Let’s talk about numbers 1000 Euro. So it is worth a try Taste the thrill of finding, cleaning and selling an old coin. Collectors are located all over the world and thanks to the network they can be reached with just a few clicks.

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