The first in Australia will be built in Melbourne

This is signed by the Kenon study, which states that an integrated solar interface will produce fifty times more energy than conventional systems

The building is Skala’s first integrated solar facade building to receive approval from the Victorian Building Authority

( – Australia’s first integrated solar frontage built with this system Scala German Avenches, will rise in Melbourne. To give life to the project is the studio quinone That after years of commitment and dedication, he finally won approval from the Victorian Building Authority, to realize the innovative building system.

The end result could not have been so noticeable without the graphic contribution of CUUB . studio Who took care of creating all the performances, perfectly fitting the project into the surrounding environment.

In interface design 550 SpencerThe photovoltaic panels disappear from view, revealing themselves as a simple glass cover. You will welcome the eight floors of the tower 1,182 solar panels in the system 142 kW Capable of producing more energy than required and this allows you to save more 70 tons emissions carbon dioxide every year.

Although already widely marketed in Europe, the Skala integrated solar facade did not fall within the building codes of national standards. And so the Kenon team became the spokesperson and pioneer of this solution with huge implications for a country like Australia where the sun never decreases.

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Upon receipt of approval for the fire from Red Fire Engineers The project was able to move to the next stage thanks to the acquisition of a private developer.

more than panels It will be placed on the north facade. Estimated production 50 times higher Compared to conventional solar energy production systems.

Moreover, after moving the photovoltaic panels to the facade, it became possible to free the roof making it easier to access. This space will be equipped with a roof garden available to office users, which also helps reduce the building’s solar gain.

Studio Kenon hopes that this building will be only the first of many, paving the way for a new building style.

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