Polestar principle to enter production

Pole Star Today announced that principle Concept model It appears earlier this year, Will go into production. Cars are being developed in the UK and over 130 people are already working on them.

The decision was made after the company realized that people love it and there should be a market for such a cool-looking, sporty, fully electric car. Thomas Enginlatt, CEO of Polestar, said:

“Amazing. Amazing. Sophisticated. We’d love to see it on the road!” – This is what the press wrote about the will and the public said, “I want it,” so we decided to build it.

The Polestar Precept will be produced in China, Polestar’s home market, at an entirely new manufacturing facility currently being planned. Not only will the plant be carbon neutral, but it will also be one of the most intelligent and connected automobile production facilities in the world.

Polar Star Principle
Polar Star Principle

Polestar hints that an important part of Precept is lightweight carbon composite construction and sustainable materials:

“The interior of the Polestar Precept features a mixture of sustainable materials including recycled PET bottles, recycled fishing nets and recycled cork vinyl. A linen-based compound, developed by external partner Bcomp Ltd., appears in many interior parts and some The exterior parts. Polestar’s ambition is to bring a lot of this sustainability into production. ”

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