A mysterious animal was found on the beach in Australia. “Is he an alien?”

He’s still debating the discovery of what seems to be a strange thing Animal Along the Australian beach in Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. On the other hand, Alex Tan, the hero of the discovery, said that he had never seen such a strange creature before. And at least judging by the photos the young man took, it seems hard to blame him. With no fur, a tail that resembled some sort of giant mouse, claws, and that head only now revealing a horrific skull, there are those who must have really thought of something out of the ordinary if not worse.

Extraterrestrial? Among the hypotheses indicated in the comments following the publication of the short video on social networks by Alex himself, it seems that even the strange origin of what instead represents a terrestrial animal ended badly for some reason was fraught with danger. kangaroo? Wallaby or perhaps a possum? It is still not clear. So much so that even the well-known daughter of nature Steve Irwin was asked for help. So, while trying to name that poor carcass, someone remembers the strange string of threads that took place in Southern California two years ago. In this case it was the marine organisms that lived in the depths of the oceans. Yes, even those, after all, were beings from another world.

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