The application deadline has been extended

The deadline for the 2022 Digital Export Bonus, the contribution aimed at supporting small Italian manufacturing enterprises in their internationalization activity, has been extended due to the availability of remaining funds. Let’s see in the next article who can access the incentive.

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Invitalia reported extension of the deadline for submission Digital Export Reward Requestthe measure aims to Small business manufacturing who intend to improve their international presence on the web.

Let’s see together all the news on this topic.

Bonus extended digital export


Invitalia I reported a new one extension From the application deadline Digital Export Bonusthe recognized contribution of Small business manufacturing Italian companies that intend to increase their presence on online channels:

The deadline for completing and submitting applications for access to the contribution has been extended Availability of the remaining funds. It will also be possible to register in the list of supplier companies for the same period. The new deadline will be specified in a provision that will be posted on the website.

The bonus can be ordered directly on the Invitalia website, by entering the appropriate section “Digital Export BonusAfter authentication via SPID, CIE or CNS.

Digital Export Bonus 2022: What it is and when it is due

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The Digital Export Bonus 2022We remember, an incentive introduced in 2022 to support Small Italian manufacturing companies in their business internationalization.

To be eligible for the grant, companies must:

  • be based in Italy;
  • It is represented by ATECO C code;
  • Be competent in business development and digital transformation processes for export;
  • They have provided services or services, related to one or more eligible expenses, in the amount of at least €200,000 in the last three years.

this is quantities Among the contributions provided for in the bonus:

  • 4,000 euros for small businesses For qualifying expenses of at least €5,000, net of VAT;
  • 22,500 euros for networks and federations For qualifying expenses of at least €25,000, net of VAT.

Digital Export Bonus 2022: Eligible Expenses

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under the Types of expenses and services that allow access 2022 Digital Export Scholarship Contributions:

  • Creation of offshore e-commerce systems, websites and/or applications;
  • Create e-commerce systems that provide automation of processes for moving, updating, and managing items to and from the web;
  • the creation of e-commerce assistance services;
  • Implementation of the communication, information and promotion strategy of the digital export channel;
  • Digital marketing aimed at developing internationalization activities;
  • CMS Services (Content Management System);
  • Register and/or subscribe to Vision Management SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms;
  • consulting services to develop organizational processes and human capital;
  • Upgrade hardware equipment needed to develop organizational processes.

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