The Golden Globes were withdrawn for placing “Minari” in the Foreign Language category – Deadline

Lee Isaac Chung‘s the threat championship Stephen Yoon It is a largely American story. Chung, who was born in Denver, Colorado, tells the story of a Korean immigrant family who lived in America for some time as they adapted to their new farming life in a small town in Arkansas. All that was said, the A24 The film was placed in the Best Foreign Language award category for the upcoming season Golden balls – And people are not happy with that.

the threat It’s the most / best American movie I’ve watched this year, “tweeted Phil Yue of the popular Angry Asian Man site.” That’s complete nonsense * R. “

Yu was one of the many to put the Golden Globes into blast when the news was released Under threat. Another director, Lulu Wang, was facing the same problem last year when she showed her movie Goodbye It won the Best Foreign Film Award at the Golden Globe.

“I’ve never seen an American movie more than Minary this year,” Wang wrote on Twitter. It is a story about an immigrant family in America pursuing the American dream. We really need to change those old rules that distinguish Americans as only speaking English. ”

Deadline learn that the threat It was entered in the Best Foreign Language award category and has been in that category ever since. The Golden Globe’s eligibility rules state that any film that contains at least 50% of non-English dialogue falls into the “foreign language” category. Cinematic dramas, musicals, or comedies containing 50% or more of English dialogue are eligible for the Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Musical or Comedy Film Awards

Additionally, according to Hollywood Foreign Press Association Website, they made some adjustments to this year’s party. The site states: “In order to qualify, films in a foreign language must have been released in their country of origin during the previous 15-month period, from October 1 to December 31 before the awards. This year, in light of the disruption caused by the pandemic, many have been made. Changes to the qualification rules. The site also states: “The“ country (s) of origin ”for the motion picture in a foreign language is (it) the country (s) of the entity (or countries) of production.” the threat Produced by A24 and Plan B Entertainment, both US production companies. The movie was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A lot of the threat In Korean, but like Wang, many would point out that this story is American despite being in a foreign language. The nuances were overlooked and people started making receipts when it came to former Golden Globe Film nominees when it came to what constitutes a foreign language and American film.

In a tweet, All my life Star Harry Shum Jr. checked the ratio of English to German, French and Italian in Quentin Tarantino England’s Bastards Which was approximately 30:70. He wrote “Minary # American Film”.

Franklin Leonard signed off the blacklist on this: “Let’s not forget that English Bastards was mostly not in English nor categorized the same way.”

To add to this, is Alejandro Inarretto Babylon, Which included five different languages, was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama at the Golden Globes in 2007. It can also be said that the Lombardy group Call me by your name Which includes an enormous amount of Italian, it should have been considered a foreign language movie, but it is still a nominee for Best Motion Picture – Drama in 2018.

Spider-Man inside the Spider World Producer Phil Lord tweeted: “The thing, on Minari and the Globes, is not an oversight. It’s a choice. The rules could and should have changed after last year. This year many people have confirmed that Minari is an American movie. This is a carefully thought out, deliberate and malicious decision.” .

He added, “I cannot understand why any film in any language is excluded from competition in the best picture categories. What is the rationale?”

From there, more people in Hollywood and beyond have taken to Twitter to express their grievances.

Daniel Dae Kim wrote that the threat Being in the Best Foreign Film category was the “movie equivalent of being asked to return to your country when that country is really America.”

The MandalorianMing Na Win was not happy either. “This pisses me off on so many levels. Stop this stupidity !! She wrote. “A movie like Minary is as American as it gets !!! Fix this #GoldenGlobes. Especially in 2020. “

“For record only, Minary is an American film written and directed by an American filmmaker located in America with a major American actor and produced by an American production company,” he tweeted Shang QiSimo Liu. “… and without spoiling anything, it’s the beautiful story of an immigrant family trying to build a life from the ground up. What could be more American than that?”

Andrew Fung, co-starring actor and Kim Convenience, tweeted to Liu: “A sad and disappointing reminder that a movie about the American dream, set in America, starring in America, directed by American and produced by an American company, is somewhat foreign.”

Congressman Ted Liu said, “Please change your name to“ Gold only for English speakers, ”because that would be more accurate. # Minari is an American movie about a Korean-American family in Arkansas. Why should the best picture be in English? Get it? “

Min Jin Lee, author of the book Pachinko Currently being developed into the Apple series, he said, “#Minari is an American movie about new Americans. Everyone in America except the indigenous people came from elsewhere by choice or strength. English is not a native language. Enough of this nonsense about Asian Americans being foreigners in a way.” Permanent. I’m done. “

This news also comes after the academy turned down Deepa Mehta Funny boy As Canada’s official entry for the 93rd Academy Awards in the category of Best International Feature Film because it contained a lot of dialogue in the English language. Based on the best-selling Canadian novel by Shyam Silvadorai, the film was shot on location and filmed in Sri Lanka in the 1970s and 1980s. Funny boy It explores the awakening of sexual identity by a young boy named Ergy. As political tensions escalate to boiling point between the Tamil minority and the Sinhalese majority, a young boy is reaching adulthood in a community and family that does not embrace difference outside of societal norms. It sounds like an international advantage, but judging by the academy’s rules, it isn’t.

The foreign press in Hollywood has yet to respond to the backlash.

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