The 3 hair colors this fall will make us look at least 10 years younger

Autumn is upon us and with it the first trends of this new season appear. For a few weeks, fashion shows have been proposing upcoming fashions.

We previously talked about current trends, then Here are 4 unmissable collections to copy in September to always be perfect and fashionable.

Today, instead, we want to focus not on clothing, but on current trends in terms of hair. So let’s find out why these three fall hair colors make us look at least 10 years younger.

September is a symbolic month. This month marks a new beginning. People come back from vacation and school starts again. Returning to everyday life can make us change.

A new hair color can completely change our look and feel. If chosen the right way, it can even rejuvenate us. So why let new trends slip away and not pick one of these colors?

The 3 hair colors this fall will make us look at least 10 years younger

This fall, trends are inspired by nature. In the new season, the heroes will be the nuances that are not at all difficult to maintain. So let’s ditch the idea of ​​weird colors and artifacts. In the fall of 2021, very natural colors won.

The first color we intend to suggest is Bronze Brown. This color is a must-have for the upcoming fall season. Bronze brown is perfect for women who own one skin very clear. This nuance is reminiscent of the colors of nature in the fall. The orange undertones of this brown give energy to dull, dull hair. Moreover, this color is able to brighten the face by rejuvenating the face of the wearer.

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Soft and warm honey blonde

Blond is a color that has different shades. It is divided into hot or cold. What we chose today is a honey blonde with warm undertones.

This color is especially suitable for women with warm and sunny skin. Soft and warm blonde is a color rich in luminous reflections that make the wearer look younger.

This color is very easy to maintain and we can easily retouch it using many different shades.

espresso brunette

The last color in our selection is called espresso brunette. It is a special dark brown color that, as the name suggests, refers to the color of coffee. Since 2022 will be the year of brown, this color is already a must-do.

This year’s trends refer to full and natural colours. This color adds luster and charm to the face and is ideal for fair-skinned women.

Despite the fact that it is cold and dark in color, this nuance perfectly adapts to any skin type. In fact, if we have a typical olive complexion, we can make it perfect by warming it up with some chocolate-like reflections. This color renews for at least 10 years as it reduces the contrast between skin and hair while respecting the complexion.

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