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In recent months, the debate has been about the future Alfa Romeo. There are several hypotheses regarding Biscione, with plans for the brand that Jean Philippe Imparato could announce next September. Among the many rumors there is a hypothesis associated with one of the possible rumors Cooperation between Alfa Romeo and Maserati, with car manufacturer Arese that will exploit the synergy of Stellantis to develop a new sports car in collaboration with Trident.

Alfa Romeo Periscopica, in honor of the 111th anniversary of Biscione

For now, it is only speculation, with no confirmation of these rumors. Like most hypotheses associated with Alfa Romeo, however, there are already those who have decided to take it a step further, assuming what and how the Biscione car could be as a result of cooperation with Maserati. between The latest creations have appeared on the web There is also the design of Mirko Del Prete, a passionate automotive designer who in recent months has created several designs inspired by the futuristic models of Italian brands from Stellantis, such as this new generation Alfa Romeo 4C, clearly Inspired by the Maserati MC20. It is a sports car that largely follows the design of the Modenese supercar, while retaining some of the features typical of the Biscione. A great show, however, hardly ever sees the light of day, even if the collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Maserati is realized.

picture: Mirko Del Prete via Instagram

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