Bankitalia: masks and public aid, suspected fraud for 8 billion

A business, as it emerged from investigations and reports, even politicians (politically exposed people and other people with ties to politics) have thrown themselves into it. Reports, reports messenger, which relates to the contexts of risks associated with the epidemic in 2020, amounted to 2,277 with a total value of “suspicious operations” of 8.3 billion. Of these, 80%, according to a report by the Bank of Italy, are concerned, in the first stage, mainly with the purchase and sale of medical equipment and personal protective equipment that, in the second stage, are supplied and used ‘incompatible’ secured. loans or grants.

After the attack on pandemic emergency actions, economic crime is already preparing for the next date: the date of 248 billion public spending tied to the recovery plan. “The criminal activities caused by the pandemic will not end with the re-engaging of the health emergency, but if not addressed appropriately, they will continue to affect our future, creating other important opportunities as well in new public interventions.”

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