Tax deductions, at 13 points per liens on your 2023 tax return

Uncoded Tax Deductions: A set of 13 points of practice documents related to benefits that can be used on your 2023 tax return arrive from the Revenue Agency. From health care costs to bonus overage, all reference help

tax rebatesOne Color guide And divided by points to help taxpayers who are struggling with 2023 tax return.

to post itrevenue agencywith the group appearing on July 12 Useful operational indicators in 13 points To use tax credits in Model 730 and income.

The collection of practical documents compiles and resumes the contents of the usual maximum circular for tax returns, which for 2023 has been divided into three publications for a total of 570 pages of instructions.

Tax deductions, at 13 points per liens on your 2023 tax return

We start from the general rules, then get to the heart of useful pointers for using the various panorama for tax rebates Which can be included on your 2023 tax return.

The guide in points and color prepared by the Revenue Agency for the Model 730 show period and Model Redditi swears by Privileges in 13 partsfrom a broad category of deductible health expenses to instructions to take advantage of the additional bonus in advertising.

The tool that includes the contents of the three circulars No. Prepared with the contribution of the National Council of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the 14/E, 15/E and 17/E are designed to Make it easier for taxpayers to readand enclose different franchises in separate modules.

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For each tax deduction, it will therefore be possible to refer to the specific file prepared and, in detail, a file a tool It is organized as follows:

  1. general aspects;
  2. healthcare costs;
  3. interest expense on mortgages;
  4. education expenses;
  5. Donations
  6. Insurance premiums
  7. social security and welfare contributions;
  8. other discounts and deductions;
  9. tax credits
  10. restoring the building’s heritage;
  11. Energy rehabilitation
  12. additional furniture and appliances;
  13. Excellent bonus.

For the 2023 tax deductions, the color group tries the path of simplification

Keyword: simplification. This is the leitmotif From the Revenue Agency’s publication on the 2023 tax return, a fulfillment that becomes more complex year by year in light of Several expense items It is possible to include it, but not only.

Consider, for example, the rules for calculating complementary treatment of employees, divided into two parts on the basis of income received, as well as Exemptions and privileges that affect entitlement to an IRPEF.

Filing a tax return is certainly not easyand the pre-assembled Model 730 project struggled to take off completely precisely because of the many operating instructions that had to be known to avoid making mistakes.

Thus, the collection of tax rebates published by the Revenue Agency sets the ambitious goal of Provides another useful tool For taxpayers who choose the do-it-yourself route, but also an important handbook for insiders.

The color publication therefore aims to facilitate the consultation of instructions and practice documents relating to the various tax deductions and deductions that can be used in the tax return. A small step on the circuitous path toward simplification.

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