Alitalia has lifted the positions of former Montezemolo and Ed Cassano & Ball in the Federation-era crash investigation.

after requests filings Arrive in 2020 for Roberto Colagno NS Jean Paul Mouster, current up to Unicredit, Civitavecchia court closed the post Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former president and former CEOs Silvano Cassano NS Mark Kramer Ball, in the investigation of the crash Alitalia In the era the Union, between 2015 and 2017. The Vice President of Confindustria also presented, Antonella Mansi, who was a member of the board of directors, Ed Enrico null whose content has been challenged expertise of appreciation. For Cassano, however, a mandatory indictment was issued on the alleged and disputed A distraction from the sums For the consultancy Accurancy and Nyras Capital. On May 2, 2017, Alitalia Say Actually finished exceptional management Then Workers refused to agree in advance to lay off workers NS The council agreed to one impossibility recapitalization who – which The Shareholders The majority of Unicredit NS Intesa San Paulo, With the Union which owned 49%, had subjected “yes” to employees to the reduction plan. On May 11, the Civitavecchia Court announced the company bankrupt.

AveosThe one who published the news clarifies this, according to the investigative judge Giuseppe Coniglio There are no elements for a subsequent trial examination against the suspects. Reasons include confidence in investments promised (and executed) by an important shareholder such as the union, tracing of losses to external and unforeseen factors, the fire at Fiumicino, and reassurances also given by board members regarding IAS. All the circumstances that justified the suspects’ behavior. “With regard to the above – according to the investigative judge – the deposit request made by the prosecutor against the suspects must be shared Bisignani, Cassano, Colanio, Colombo, Cortesi, De Secco, Cats, Lakes, Mansi, Rigni, Mostair, and did not contribute to the same thing False accounting crimes And what results from that have nothing to do with the dispute referred to.”

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An accusation of “distorted and malicious application of international accounting standards with the aim of improving data relating to the economic situation of (Alitalia Loyalty)” was also made. and storage for location Giancarlo Chissano In connection with the terms of the Turboprop wet lease agreement between Alitalia Cai and Darwin Etihad Regional and Silvano Cassano, Mark Cramer Ball, Corrado Gatti and Alessandro Cortesi in connection with the accusation of “disclosure of relevant facts inconsistent with the truth in the 2015 financial report statements, while neglecting to report facts relevant to the economic and financial condition of the company.” all suspectsKramer Paul, Rosati, Di Sico, Mancinelli, Merighi, Gatti, Cortesi, Rigni, Bisignani, Colanio, Mansi, Laghi) Then collecting dismissal from the accusation of carrying out an activity “aims to obstruction of ENAC supervision, Providing false statements about the economic situation of the company.

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