Ftse Eb weak, two speeds for Bresmian and Azmut

Sitting under the banner of weakness in the Italian stock exchange today (performance of asset management stocks underscored on Ftse Mib) awaits news from the US, where the impeachment measures began.

As for our country, the light is in focus Palazzo Chigi, where a cabinet is scheduled to take place this evening Which called for giving the green light to the recovery plan, can be remembered as the one in which the government crisis began with the withdrawal of Italy’s FIFA ministers.

At the tipping point in Europe l’eurodollaro Move slightly at 1.21540 (+ 0.04%) while the futures, with Brent delivery in March, rose 1.7% to $ 56.6 per barrel.

Borsa Italiana today, update at 1 pm: Ftse Mib, great trend for Bresmian and Azmut

At 13 FTSE Meb It scores -0.24%, and Dax It accounts for -0.04% and CAC 40 A -0.15%.

0.8% increase to 107 basis points Spread The day the treasury was placed Robot for a year for 7 billion.

The return on the securities maturing on January 14, 2022 is at -0,478%, Up 2 cents from the previous month’s auction.

At Piazza Avari, stock sales stand out Prismian (-4.16%) after news that Clubtre (controlled by Tamburi IP) has finished offering 10 million shares, equivalent to 3.729% of the share capital.

Mirror trend for managed savings stocks: Mediolanum Bank 3.67% salt FinecoBank Gain 1.97% e Banca Generali By 0.74%.

An increase of 2.89% to Azimut (3.23%) who announced that they expect a Record profits for 2020 ranging between 375-415 million euros.

Future Wall Street: Expect a positive opening

Two and a half hours after the start of trading, the derivative is Sol Dow Jones Score a + 0.21%, on S & P500 By 0.24% and the future is on Nasdaq 0.32% salt.

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9:25 AM Update: Ftse Mib, Bresmian shares the evidence

In Piazza Avari, the blue chip basket FTSE Meb, In early trades it traded at 22,755.66 points (+ 0.15%) while it was being traded Spread It reached 108 basis points (+ 1.4%).

Boot above level to Dax (+ 0.33%), l CAC 40 (+ 0.12%) instead of 100 feet The trades are steady (-0.03%).

In Piazza Avari, stock highlighting Prismian (-3.47%) After news that Clubtre (controlled by Tamburi IP) has finished offering 10 million shares, equivalent to 3.729% of the share capital. The shares were sold to 29.25 euros per share, more than four percentage points less than yesterday’s close.

Red 0.67% each Tim which has Developed First ‘Sustainability Bonds’. The bonds, with a maturity of 8 years, are allocated € 1 billion and applications are filed for more than 4 billion. Coupon is set at 1.625%, which is an all-time low.

Very weak Fiat Chrysler (-0.57%). After S&P, Moody’s Investors Service has also increased the rating: The issuer’s rating was raised from “Ba1” to “Baa3”, and the rating on the bonds issued or guaranteed by FCA was raised from “Ba2” to “Baa3” while the short term rating was raised from “(P) NP” to “(P) ) P-3 “. In all opinions, the outlook is stable.

The role of the top performer in the blue chip basket is a privilege Azimut (3.23%). The company announced that it expects prof Record profits for 2020 ranging between 375-415 million euros.

Also good Mediolanum Bank (+ 3,39%), FinecoBank (+ 0,76%) e Banca Generali (+ 0,45%).

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Asian stock markets in the directory

Hong Kong Index, l’Hang Seng Representing a gain of 1.3%, the China A50 finished + 2.98% Nikki It closed + 0.09%.

The Australian index was also weak S & P / ASX 200 (-0.27%).

Wall Street: Sitting Under the Flag of Weakness

Yesterday’s session Dow Jones Closed at -0.29%, minimum S & P500 Record -0.66% and Nasdaq 1.25% left in the field.

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