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Check out a way on WhatsApp to avoid being spied on. Indeed, a solution can be useful above all to protect our privacy: How we do it.

The solution will remove spies from the app (via screenshot)

There are many users asking how to avoid spying on them The WhatsApp. In fact, one of the real problems with the messaging app, since its inception, is specifically protecting the privacy of its users. Over the years, just to advocate for users, we’ve seen how to do this Menlo Park He added a lot Tools To improve this aspect. A choice that has become essential especially with the emergence of competitors, cable H SignalWhich almost guarantees its complete anonymity.

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It’s almost impossible to guarantee maximum privacy on the app, but there is at least one way to get covered. In fact, to defend ourselves from spies,Settings‘From WhatsApp. Once we get to the settings, we will have to go and click on ‘Notices“Then in”MessagesAt this point we finally have the opportunity Disable the option Which – which ”It displays notification previews at the top of the screen, An option that could guarantee us a quieter experience.

WhatsApp, it’s easier to avoid spying: but watch out for these tricks

WhatsApp hide writes
New square for the world’s most popular messaging app (via screenshot)

They are The WhatsApp The real problem that plagues users, outside of privacy, is precisely There are many phishing messages Some of them are literally intended to deceive users. In fact, once again, cybercriminals are relying on the discount coupon scam to strike. There are two chains involved (without their knowledge) in these scams, we are talking about ‘Long S‘Based on’Hangar“Obviously, this is nothing more than an endless attempt.”Trolling, Since the two chains have repeatedly specified that these shopping vouchers do not exist.

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But defending yourself from criminals is very simple. In fact, both chains have published, on their official website, a series of behaviors to adopt when we encounter these messages. Indeed To defend ourselves We must follow the following steps:

  • Never open messages from this type
  • To protect Your credit card details;
  • Never click on these links;
  • Always check the sender of the message;
  • Be wary of untrustworthy content and links to non-institutional sites;
  • Report fraud attempts on the Postal Police website.

Only in this way, in fact, do we have the possibility to stop these cybercriminals or at least Reducing the scope of their work. Therefore it is important for one to stand up for oneself, given that every year, Thousands of people They leave their sensitive data in the hands of these criminals, ready to resell it or even access a credit card.

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