Samsung to IFA for full contact

Samsung presented its vision at IFA 2022, for a more sustainable future: Revamped SmartThings platform and new line of bespoke products

a A connected and intelligent ecosystem To deliver more personalized experiences: This is the vision presented by the press conference Samsung at IFA 2022with an important focus also on sustainable homea goal it aims to achieve thanks to advanced energy-saving technologies and strategic partnerships, with the goal of becoming the number one brand of highly energy-efficient home appliances.

The new version of the SmartThings platform

Samsung merged files SmartThings platform on all of its products (Currently there are about 40), creating a file comprehensive ecosystem it’s a’Multi-device experience Unmatched. SmartThings enables consumers to get the most out of Samsung devices and other business products they already own. “With the latest innovations, Samsung can deliver wider, more connected and smarter experiences – announce Benjamin Brown, Marketing Director, Samsung Europe -. We continue our mission: to propose revolutionary solutions to support the lifestyle of users, and to offer new ways to be entertained, all without losing sight of protecting our planet.“.

Products designed to live in a more sustainable way

With the goal of becoming the #1 brand in energy efficiency, Samsung has combined SmartThings connectivity with technologies that make its devices more sustainable. So consumers can act “environmentally friendly” thanks to SmartThings EnergyIt is a consumption trend monitoring system capable of returning data in real time. By 2023, all Samsung products will be Wi-Fi equipped, SmartThings Energy, and Samsung Extra 10% of energy saving compared to the highest category.

Implement solutions recommended by SmartThings Energy thanks to intuitive functions such as Mode artificial intelligence powerUsers will be able to make progress in reducing consumption at home by setting compatible smart devices into energy saving mode. For example, the digital inverter motor for washing machines and dryers is Guaranteed for 20 years, Beside Digital Inverter Compressor For Refrigeratorswhich is the longest warranty the company has ever offered: thus consumers can be sure that they do not have to replace the product in no time.

New Bespoke Line Introduced by Samsung at IFA 2022

new bespoke line

Testifies to Samsung’s continued commitment to providing sustainable, smart, and elegantly designed digital devices A new range of bespoke products In Europe, which includes Bespoke AI™ Washer & Dryer, Bespoke AI™ Oven and Infinite Line Custom Designed. In particular, the Bespoke AI™ oven, due to launch in October, is equipped with smart functions that make healthy cooking an intuitive experience, such as various steaming functions. The oven is also equipped double steam cooking feature, Which combines the high and low levels of the oven with technology easy steam. Function AI Pro Cooking Uses image-guided food recognition technology to optimize cooking settings and monitor food for optimal cooking. Users can make cooking an interactive experience by creating time-lapse videos. This touch open oven has a unique design, with a door without a handle. The oven is available in a palette of modern colors and finishes, including Clean Navy, Clean White and Satin Beige.

Top of the Bespoke Infinite Line collection

Samsung launch Detailed infinite linea group of Top Hardware Group for the kitchen. which will debut globally this year, in both Europe and the United States, with the launch of Single door refrigeration solutions, which include refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler. The Infinite Line design features a polished Timeless Greige metallic finish along with an elegant gold-tone brass bezel that adorns the edges. The entire assortment is made in AluminiumScratch- and dent-resistant, easy-to-clean material.

inside the fridge, Black Metal Cooling System It retains coolness and helps to quickly restore optimum temperature, while tunnel lighting system On the frame and on the shelves, highlights in all directions. The machine is also equipped with automatic door opening system Which opens the door automatically with one touch, and a warning sound. The lack of handles is another distinguishing element that gives it a basic and elegant look. Among other elements that distinguish the product, there is also one Pitcher automatically fills with pure water When placed in the refrigerator

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