The highway code arrives, the ban on car screens: you risk going back to car radios

Yes, according to the Highway Code, there is a ban on the use of electronic devices on board. We talk in detail about those devices that require the use of a screen, which in itself is suitable as a distraction while driving. In addition to the ban already in place, which concerns devices to be held in the hand, it appears that another device is in the process of being supported.

Yes, it could be, in this respect, aBan extended mentioned above. In this case, you must give up a lot of of devices This, now on the agenda, is used by the average driver. We are not only talking about smartphones, tablets and similar devices, for surfing the Internet and making phone calls, but also Dr ‘Hardware built in Completely in the car.

Is there a ban on every type of screen on board? –

This, as it will be known, thanksInformation and entertainment For the car, which not only includes one or more screens for different organization missionAnd the Digital And the Multimedia, but allows the same system to integrate the above devices. well now It may no longer be possible Nor the use of devices that are an integral part of the infotainment system, or those that come from outside, and that are appropriately integrated. This is, at least, while driving. There are those who saw the situation and thought about it, you can come back To the dear old woman car radio By car, historically allowed.

Thus, the intent currently in effect is that ofCancellation from U.S Any touch screen system For use in the passenger compartment of the car, it is clear that this will affect the driver. It all starts from the observation on which I am based infotainment systems They will, for the time being, reveal themselves dangerous the right of same level subordinate smart phone, in terms of distraction, with all the consequences that would ensue. The result is a certain traffic law reform about to pass Under consideration subordinate room subordinate Representatives.

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The reason for the controversial reform

Even the infotainment systems, with their own screens, will be suitable as a distraction while driving –

The Enterprisein more detail, lies in the fact that the use of i orders subordinate View info and entertainmentthe driver, especially for non-essential functions, which one must perform a certain series of operations, should come close to the screen, which leads to inattention while driving. with the Reformation in Study stage In the room, the provision that prohibits the use of smartphones, tablets, etc. It also prohibits the use of any “similar” device, which would not specifically exclude the use of infotainment devices while driving.

And to get Penalties? In the proposal, the money goes From 422 to 1697 eurosDepending on the extent of the distraction or danger caused. In addition to, Suspension Driving License, From only 2 days to 7 months. more, Reducing From 5 points of the driver’s licence. in case if relapse Within two years, the fine goes away From 644 to 2588 EURThe Suspension license 1 to 3 monthsand the Reducing Equal 10 points.

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