Salmonella in Kinder products: Here are the quantities at risk in Italy

The torrent of orders in potentially contaminated batches and the clogging of Ferrero’s customer service: Fear, understandably, is rife due to the dangers of salmonella. But in Italy, a lot of Kinder products at risk are all simply, at least up to a certain code indicated on the recall cards of the Ministry of Health.

105 cases of salmonella have been confirmed and 29 are under investigation in Europe linked to Kinder products, but none in Italy. However, our country decided to withdraw some products anyway, and we asked ourselves, like everyone else, which batches are already at risk of infection. In fact, maybe just as a precaution, all of these reach a specific code for some specific product. Here any of them.

Between April 6 and today, Kinder Surprise Maxi Smurf And miracleme Kinder Surprise T6 Game – Chicken Which Kinder Choco Bonus. And for many of them not just a few batches, all of them. Especially:

to Kinder Surprise T6 Game – Chicken: All parts up to L098L and all deadlines until 08/21/2022

to Kinder Surprise Maxi ‘Smurfs’ and ‘Miraculous’: All parts up to L098L and all deadlines until 08/21/2022

to Kinder Choco BonusLots: L288, L291, L293, L301, L302, L306, L307, L310, L312, L313, L316, L319, L320, L321, L326, L327, L328, L329, L334, L337, L338, L341, L349, L349 , L351, L352, L356, L005, L006, L028, L029 and deadlines from 05/28/2022 to 08/19/2022

to me Kinder Choco Bonus Referring to batches and deadlines is more accurate because the reference plant is the ‘accused’ plant. Arlonin Belgium, where salmonella has already been found.

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sources: Ministry of Health

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