Changes promised by Sledghammer, after the beta –

Hammer games revealed which of them the changes will start Call of Duty Vanguard, based on the feedback obtained with the beta version. For example, it will weaken the reflection of the sun and make dogs less robust.

Specifically, the team said, “We hope you enjoyed your time at Vanguard and the innovations we brought to you multiplayer. During the beta period, we were able to gather quite a bit of community feedback. All our official reports, gameplay screenshots and messages have helped our developers eliminate bugs, improve features, and refine maps and modes for launch. ”

The the changes It will include removing sunshine, relative kill chain dogs and will change the spawn point for players in the Royal Hotel to avoid the “Kitchen of Killing”. Also, the microphones in the Search and Destroy lobby will be blocked. Furthermore, they assure that there will be balances between weaponry, sound and vision. More information on this will be provided later.

As you can see above, the sun was a serious issue in Call of Duty Vanguard, as were all the elements related to vision. Speaking instead of Call of Duty Warzone: Do vehicles move on their own? No ghosts, it’s an insect.

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