Electric Vehicles: Fisker opens orders for the Ocean SUV

Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2022, and before that at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021, Ocean, the first electric SUV from the American company Fisker, It is ready to configure and order.

Three trim levels – Sport, Ultra and Extreme – are available with two- or all-wheel drive for approx 4.8 meters long.

Starting with the very first version, the Ocean Sport has one engine from 275 hppowered by a lithium-ion battery – the capacity of which has not been disclosed – which is promising Range of 440 km on the WLTP course.

Super guarantees 610 kilometers of travelagain according to the WLTP course, e 540 horse power dual drive (one for each axis).

Again, the actual battery capacity Not disclosed.

The trio closes Extreme setupin turn equipped with two enginesAnd Four-wheel drive And with declared independence, always WLTP, from 707 km with 550 hp of power.

According to Enrik Fisker, CEO of the house, the Ocean is the 100% electric SUV The largest autonomy to date was sold in Europe.

“This achievement is a significant milestone for everyone at Fisker and we are pleased that the scope exceeds our initial calculations.”.

Extreme also has another trick up its sleeve, which is “solar sky”that is, the photovoltaic cover on the roof which, according to the brand, will be able to generate – on average – Enough energy for 2,400 kilometers a year.

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Fisker Ocean

in ideal conditionsLike Mediterranean countries, the energy produced by the panels can reach the surface of the ocean 3,200 additional miles per year.

Finally, each of the three versions Offers two-way charging (V2G) and wireless charging of electronic devices.

Fisker Ocean

There is no lack of interest for sustainability, With recycled carbon rims.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

EU type approval approval is pending By April 28, 2023: At this point Fisker will begin deliveries in the Old Continent.

According to the manufacturer, the first Fisker centers will open on April 11 in Vienna and Copenhagen, with other locations gradually being added. In Europe and the United States throughout 2023.

Fisker Ocean

The automaker will initially make the electric vehicle available in the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and France.

After that, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and India will also be touched upon.

In China, the ocean is scheduled 2024.

In the latest update, the starting prices were as follows:

  • Fisker Ocean Sport: from 41,900 euros
  • Fisker Ocean Ultra: from 57,500 euros
  • Fisker Ocean Extreme: from 69,950 euros

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