Roland Mesnier, the White House’s chief pastry chef, has died. Miracles to please the Five Chiefs

The White House bids farewell to Roland Mesnier, the French pastry chef who served five US presidents for a quarter of a century, from 1979 to 2004, the year of his retirement. The pastry chef who made sure not to repeat the proposal Never two dishes alikemethodical and self-confident, known as the motto of perfection is no coincidence, Died at the age of 78 In a home for the elderly in the town of Berk, in Virginiadue to some complications because of canceras I mentioned before Washington Post . He wrote me fond memories of Chef Mesnier On Twitter, former First Lady Hillary ClintonIn a post with a picture of them standing next to some of his gingerbread houses, which he used to do at Christmas, according to tradition. He was born in Bonnay, a nearby village Besanon, FranceIn a humble family of nine children, he started his career At 14 with an apprenticeship in pastry Get a dollar a month. In 1979 it was Recruited by Rosalynn, wife of President Jimmy Carter. He has previously published several books and talked at length about his experience in the White House after retirement. In a 2013 TV interview, he said that Rosalynn Carter asked him during a job interview What would he have cooked if he had been hired?

Anecdotes about presidents

Lots of low-calorie sweets, Mesnier replied slyly, because Mrs. Carter was a very beautiful, very skinny woman, so I thought it was a trick question. In fact, my answer was—and he continued—the correct answer, because he told his secretary that I was the one he wanted and he wanted her ASAP. Roland Messinier was not stingy Anecdotes about presidents and their families: George W. Bush she was Pica Nut Ice Cream Fann And the most impatient man I’ve ever seen. there Mrs. Reagan was a champion of absolute perfection.Bill Clinton was allergic to sugar, flour, and chocolate but he was very greedySo the pastry chef had to make an effort to come up with new recipes without those ingredients. And if he says he loves Carter very much, great people at the same time One of their favorite recipes terrified him, which had to be prepared for large buffets. For this dish you had to use The most cheese you can findMix them up, add Anchovies and all kinds of thingsThen arrange them in washing machines (…) and put them in the middle Strawberry jam. The funny thing that Mrs. Carter was always checking was whether the plate was on the table. He added that it was, but that no one had touched it before. Then we put it back in the freezer and took it at every buffet. I think the same (dish) lasted four years. In his work, he always tried to give his best, savoring each dessert and carefully inspecting the finished dishes to see what was left intact. He formed alliances with the White House butler to gather more information about presidential tastes, and to always be ready, Christmas planning began in June.

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