There is the first big update (KB5010414)

Code name KB5010414the first major update of Windows 11 Available to all: You can download and install it immediately through the Windows Update utility. The package is full, it is recommended to start the procedure when the computer is not busy with other processes. Let’s see what the most significant innovations were introduced with version 22000.527, which were already partially revealed by the latest versions that Microsoft published in the channels for Insiders.

KB5010414 for Windows 11: Downloads and News

There is first of all a new one a store with support in android apps through the platform Amazon Appstore, but initially only for the United States. In Italy, we will have to wait a little longer (or resort to some solutions to get around the regional blockade). The feature, which the Redmond group so desperately wanted to bridge the gap between the desktop and mobile ecosystem, is well illustrated in the following video.

Initially, two scales are designed specifically for those who work in them smart work: button on the taskbar for Activate or deactivate the microphone with one click and possibility Sharing windows open during a meeting and video call Just like with AirShare.

As for the widget, a live weather window appears on the taskbar. Overlaying the mouse pointer opens the screen that contains them all. The feature is customizable.

They are finally back date and time on secondary monitors connected to the computer. This is the fault of many users Windows 11 They asked to fill in: he said, done.

The date and time are also on secondary computer screens thanks to the Windows 11 update

New media player and notepad (Notepad)

the major update The operating system also brings with it a redesign of two pre-installed programs (they are downloaded or updated via the Microsoft Store). let’s start from media playerThis is the result. All details in Piece on the topic.

Also changes a file Notepadthe block notesWith the now inevitable support for Dark Mode, colorful emojis and new editing tools. In-depth analysis of the news incustom article.

As written at the beginning, to download the first major platform update, all you have to do is get started Windows Update (or switch from Microsoft Update Catalog). Reboot is required. It should be noted that someone may not immediately see the availability of the package and have to wait a few days, as always happens with this type of rollout.

KB5010414 is the first major update for Windows 11, and it's already available

With this update, Microsoft It intervenes in some key aspects of the operating system, responds to user feedback and articulates its ambitions for future developments.

The stated goal is to continue to develop a profitable relationship with the community, first and foremost by benefiting from the support it guarantees from the insideto counter the evolution path of Windows 11. In the post shared on the official blog, there is also an indication of future projects related to metaverse.

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