Reduce cholesterol and increase memory? Here’s what to do

Time and time again we have dealt with the effect of cholesterol, and in this case the “bad” one, on our health and the importance that diet can have in keeping this value in check. Although we are used to realizing this Fats (Fat) as an “enemy”, it is a very important component of the human body, necessary for digestion and production of bile.

“The Righteous”, otherwise known as HDL High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) if appropriate doses are able to keep the frequency of the “bad” under control, LDL . Low Density Lipoprotein (low density lipoproteins). It is the latter that tends to build up in the arteries and cause long-term circulation problems, affecting the heart.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

In fact, it is about promoting a balance of power that is a balance between the two values, given that the optimal intake of LDL cholesterol is around 100 and 130 mg / dL, while it is considered in the case of hypercholesterolemia above 200. It is called simply high cholesterol; These levels are only partially affected by food, genetics, and even the effect of appropriate physical activity. However, there are some foods that are particularly suitable for keeping this value under control.

Reduce cholesterol and increase memory? Here’s what to do

The niacin, also known as vitamin B or vitamin B3 can be an excellent ally to counteract the effect of high cholesterol and at the same time provide Strengthen Important for memory: This term refers to two molecules, niacin and niacinamide, found respectively in plant matter and animal tissues.

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In addition to its important role in digestion, niacin plays beneficial roles in the circulatory and respiratory systems, increasing the functions of our brain used for memory and focus.

It is found particularly in dried fruits, liver, white meat, unrefined grains, and most legumes.

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