Khaby Lame is the new idol of TikTok! How much do you earn from your videos on social media?

he is called Khaby Lame, is Italian and lives in Chivasso. The name may only tell you the truth It is the most famous tik toker in the world. Yes, he is the one who climbed the rankings in a few weeks to become a real social media star More than half a billion users follow him on the Chinese social network. The status of Lame who has literally conquered TikTok users with simple yet funny videos thanks to a truly unique tradition of the boy who is today undoubtedly one of the most important creators in the history of Chinese social media and who joins the many Charli D’ Amelio, Addison Ray and Will Smith whom we know to be awesome followed by the audience .

And we know that with these numbers, those who use TikTok can earn a lot Given that the Chinese social network tends to give money to all its creators who reach certain thresholds of views. In fact, TikTok provides a real fund dedicated to its creators allowing the most promising social networks to earn from their activities. There are no exact figures for individual creator earnings but in fact we know that rewards are issued according to the number of views your videos get.

Xabi Lam: How much does he earn on TikTok?

According to TikTok guidelines, we know that in Italy at the moment for every 100,000 views a creator earns about 1 ?? for its original content. On the other hand, if the famous “duo” is performed, then this figure decreases even if it is not much. However, what made Khaby Lame popular are the stitches or double-box videos where traders can rely on the videos already on the platform to create second, original content online.

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In this case Khaby Lame videos usually get an average of 60 million views With some cases it has exceeded 200 million views. This means doing an approximate calculation Lame managed to earn at least 500 ?? For every video he posts. Certainly, this is not the ultimate number that tiktoker is able to earn with his videos on the Chinese social network. Yes, because it is reasonable to believe that Lame edited his videos directly by himself and that means that by not using the TikTok stitch feature, he uploaded the video individually as original content and thus got at least 1?? Every 100,000 views.

But what are we talking about for sure Khaby Lame His rise to success is certainly only at the beginning. So the little boy can still grow exponentially, and above all, what is clear at the moment is the fact that Khabe has become a real influencer and in the future will be able to reach agreements with companies that will be able to exploit his popularity in order to reach the public with advertisements. The practice that always happens in these cases and that happens with Lame certainly can’t help but keep happening.

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