Maradona, Napoli and Wade Deus: Luzi and his football minute by minute

“Chow countryI told him. He looked at me sullen. ” The voice is the unmistakable historical voice of Ezio Lozy, “Naughty” Every football minute by minute. And “the country” was Diego Armando Maradona. “Just on the trip to Stuttgart, where Napoli was going to play and win the UEFA Cup in 1989, Diego confronted me.“ Son of Buta, but why are you joking with me and calling me Pisa? ”And at that point I made it clear to him that this is true, because I was born in Sainte In, in Argentina Like him, she showed him his identity card. At that point we became friends. ”

This but not only in his book “All my soccer ball is minute by minute.” (Baldeni + Castoldi, € 18.00, p. 230). Why Ezio? Lozy It tells and tell about the era of football that now appears light years away. From an experience that was born in light Olympic Games Rome in 1960 to 60 years old in 2020 from the most popular Italian radio broadcast. On the pages of the book there are professional training, first unforgettable experiences in the field with microphones and headphones, stories of hits and victories, all told with the love and passion of those who have put their lives at the disposal of passion. . “The first division stew was fine at first, but now I see everyone is starting to think old-fashioned: at 2:30 pm, everyone from Serie A went up to the amateurs on stage: all the champions.”

Among the protagonists here, of course, you cannot miss Naples. “I fully understand the spirit of the Azores fans of his death MaradonaDiego gave everything to Naples and his memory has accompanied all of my career in that stadium now reserved for him. A permanent presence, from the glories of the Italian League to the most difficult moments like failure and relegation. In this stadium I carry comments that have always been happy in my heart, when there was always a party around me. All of them sing, O narratives of Namurat. These are matters that no one can erase from you. ” And then there is Diego, That Lozy Knew, but not only. “He was the first one who told me he was coming to play in Naples. At that time he was still with Barcelona and we were in the US for a tour. And he was always telling me about Manu From Allah. In Azteca’s locker room, we think Carmando has entered: We were only Galeazzi, Maradona And me, without having to wait for Diego to speak to the Argentines first. “

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