Ray 2022 fee How to pay only 45 euros instead of 90 as usual

There is a way to pay only half of the fee in connection with the Rai 2022 fee. There are also several weeks for that.

Rai antennas
Rai antennas (Photo ANSA)

Rai Fee 2022, it is possible to pay it in half and thus partially offset the tax payment on the possession of at least one TV in the house if it is not possible to take advantage of the total exemption. The latter case is only for those affected by some specific exception.

For others, the Rai 2022 fee will also have to be paid, which, just as in recent years, up to €90 Divided into ten installments of €9 for the period from January to October. The Rai 2022 fee is also included in the electricity bill. But it will be the last time.

Acting directly by the European Commission, which has determined the incorporation of fees directly into the electricity bill as unjustified and inconsistent with the rules, From 2023 there will be no such mode. Which, however, has greatly contributed to the reduction of tax evasion in connection with this very unpopular tax.

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Rai 2022 fee, this way you can get partial exemption

Rai antennas
Rai antennas (ANSA photo)

Whatever methods will be chosen in the future to try to fight the wits, let’s try to understand how to get them Partial discount on Rai 2022 fees. There is a deadline to refer to which is June 30, 2022.

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If by that date you declare, through a specific request, that you do not have a TV or computer at home (Rai is available free of charge on their website, complete with services upon request), you are entitled to enjoy a partial exemption. The fee will cost only 45 euros Instead of the usual 90, so that the payment covers only five months.

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But woe to falsehood. surprise visit to Person in charge of the revenue agency, in order to ascertain whether we have told the truth or not. And if not, we will commit a crime that includes very high fines – no less than 600 euros – and also a two-year prison sentence.

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