Amazon, Dave Clark resigns after 23 years. He was CEO of the global consumer segment, after sales online –

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He was considered the last survivor of Jeff Bezos’ “Magic Circle” and one of the highest paid managers in the Seattle Corporation.

A historical figure of the company graduated from Amazon: Dave, CEO of Amazon’s global consumer segment and first lieutenant to CEO Andy Gacy, will step down on July 1 after 23 years at the company. It was announced by the same company and Clarke confirmed with a tweet that he also said, “To everyone I’ve had the privilege to work with: Thank you for making it fun to come to work every day for 23 years inventing things. Wonderful and extraordinary for clients.” Clark has so far been one of the key executives of the e-commerce giant, tasked with overseeing the retail business. Under its control, to understand, there are a number of basic units: Online Storephysical stores, online marketplace (external sellers), and subscriptions Amazon Prime. Segments that generated more than 75% of Amazon’s revenue in the quarter ended March 31 (although the most profitable part of the business remains the Amazon Web Services division, which deals with cloud computing and from which CEO Gacy comes). Until 2021, Clark also led Amazon Logistics, another key segment for the company.

Clark joined the company at Amazon in 1999 and quickly rose through the ranks. Under his management, the company has been able to improve logistics and find increasingly efficient ways to manage orders, two aspects that have become the backbone of the retail business.
Dave Clark The last member of the former “Magic Circle” of Bezos. to leave the company. Jeff Wilke, who has been heading the consumer sector and seen as a potential successor to Bezos, announced his release in 2020 and resigned the following year. Steve Kessel, who built the original Kindle and then took over the brick-and-mortar division, quit in 2019. Italy’s Diego Piacentini, who was appointed Senior Vice President of International Consumer Business at in 2000, accepted in 2016 the government’s extraordinary commissioner appointment to implement The Digital Agenda under the Renzi Government.
Clark was one of the highest-paid Amazon CEOs to date: last year he received total compensation 56 million dollarswhile in 2010 it was 46.3 million, both of which are roughly in the company’s stock, given that the actual annual salary is only $175,000.

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June 3, 2022 (change on June 3, 2022 | 20:00)

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