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The image of the green bee in Australia is unbelievable

If the stunning photos were not there to confirm this, it would be hard to believe what a man discovered in the wild lands of Northern Australia. Yes, because a green bee has never been seen before. Approx. We are in Darwin, the capital of Northern Territory, Australia. There, researcher and animal enthusiast Indo Char receives some pictures from a friend. Filmed in the wild hinterland of that region, it shows a unique green bee. Amazed, Indo decides to find out more. So share these pics on Amateur Entomology Australia niche social page. There is no point in emphasizing the success and curiosity that these photos gathered immediately.

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But the question remains: What kind of bees are these? Among the most reliable answers are those who identify with it in a sample called in those parts’Green carpenter beesAnd so, apart from that green one, which is already quite unusual on its own, it turns out that the green carpenter bee owes its name to the special habit of searching for its nest inside the wood. A particular particular habit is the bee itself which, despite its large size , Except that they can exceed 2 cm in length, but do not sting.Unfortunately, green carpenter bees are not in excellent health. They rarely live in some areas of the Northern Territory, in Queensland and New South Wales.

Green bees already exist! 🐝💚

Posted by Daily Mail Australia running Monday, March 15, 2021

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